White Marble Countertops In The Kitchen: To Do Or Not To Do

White Marble Countertops

So when you think about kitchens, their designing and renovation, you can come up with various ideas and styles that are bound to lift up its appearance. Of course, who doesn’t want a modern and chic kitchen which looks like it just came out of those interior design magazines? However, when you think about it realistically, some of those design elements appear quite beautiful in those magazines or the internet but may not be practical and feasible in real life. One of such design elements is a kitchen dominated in white colors. And not just white colors for the cabinets and floors but also for the white marble countertops.

Let’s face it, whether practical or not, white marble countertops do look quite beautiful and elegant and help to immediately up the game in your kitchen. It offers a timeless elegance and sophisticated appearance that never goes out of style. So why don’t we go through the advantages and disadvantages of choosing white marble for kitchen countertops so you can make an informed decision of whether to go for them or not. 

Pros Of White Marble Countertops

So let’s start with the advantage. The number 1 being it looks amazingly beautiful and classy! It’s the thing that can immediately elevate your kitchen without you making any other effort in the design. Even for smaller spaces, it gives quite a spacious feel and makes the room look clean, sleek, and elegant. In this design by Swiss Interior, the light colored marble countertops along with the cool lighting creates a spacious feel in an otherwise small space. 

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Another advantage of choosing light countertops is that they go with almost any other color of kitchen cabinets and floors. Whether it is any shade of gray and brown or any bright or pastel shade, white countertops are sure to go with them. The following image of a kitchen designed by Swiss Interior shows how different shades of grays are used with this light colored theme. A medium shade of gray is chosen for the lower cabinets whereas a darker gray shade adorns the upper cabinets. The black stove top on the white marble countertops create the perfect contrast that makes this room strikingly simple yet beautiful.

Another advantage of using white countertops is that since it offers timeless beauty, it plays a major role in helping you get a good price for your home if you wish to sell it off. A white countertop kitchen goes really well with any kind of interior design theme, so people prefer this kind of an interior where they can completely transform the interior design of the home and leave the kitchen as it is. Even if they want to change it dramatically, they can just choose a different or bright color for the cabinets and leave the countertops as it is to match with the theme of the house

Marble is also quite durable and can last a long time if it is regularly maintained, cleaned, and sealed. This makes it a good option to choose for the kitchen if you do not plan on renovating it every few years. 


Cons Of White Marble Countertops

So let’s talk about the disadvantages of choosing white marble countertops for the kitchen. Because of their timeless and classic beauty, they come at a hefty price. Not only is white marble more expensive than other options of counters, it also requires more rigorous and regular maintenance. It needs to be sealed periodically so that it maintains its shine and texture. 

Also, the kitchen is a place where things are bound to get dirty no matter how much you try to keep it clean. The grease from cooking also affects the appearance of light marble. Such marble is also stained much quicker than other materials and colors, so you have to clean the countertop as soon as it gets dirty. 

As an example, consider the following design by Swiss Interior. No doubt, the kitchen looks beautiful and elegant in its simple white color for the countertops as well as the counters and cabinets. But just imagine the kind of work you would have to put into it to keep it clean since even the minutest bit of dirt or grease will be bound to appear unaesthetic with a high chance of it leaving a mark on the white marble. 

These are some of the pros and cons of choosing white colored theme marble countertops for the kitchen. No doubt that it offers a unique and beautiful outlook for any style of a room but the above-mentioned pros and cons can help you decide whether you are up for choosing it for your kitchen or not. 


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