Who Is Dylan Meyer? Kristen Stewart’s New Rumored Girlfriend


Kristen Stewart’s love life doesn’t seem to cool down especially with various spotted PDA with different ladies in the last 3 months. Kristen Stewart was known for dating Stella Maxwell for a pretty long time before they hit a rough patch and apparently broke up.

But, in July which was after 6 months of their alleged breakup, Kristen and Stella were papped on the streets of Italy, smooching and making out. After this Public Display Of Affection, when the gossip mongers were sure of them coming back into a relationship, Kristen Stewart was back again on the roads making out, but this on the busy streets of New York and a different girl. 

The girl? Dylan Meyer. Dylan Meyer is a scriptwriter who has written for films like Loose Ends released in the year 2015 and XOXO in 2016. She also has credits for writing in TV Series, Miss 2059. Her IMDB page claims that Dylan Meyer is also an actor and has performed in short films like The Death and Return of Superman in 2011, Wrestling isn’t Wrestling in 2015, and a few more.

Who Is Dylan Meyer Kristen Stewart’s New Rumored Girlfriend
Who Is Dylan Meyer Kristen Stewart’s New Rumored Girlfriend

While gossip mongers were assured that the relationship with Dylan is nothing serious and it is only a stint before Kristen gets back with Stella. But Dylan’s twitter says otherwise, where she is seen tweeting about how beautiful it is to fall in love with someone who notices and makes you aware of all the directions your hair can go. 

Sources close to Kristen have agreed on Kristen being serious about Dylan for now. The news from the sources can very well be trusted as after the New York stint, Kristen was seen making another PDA with girlfriend Dylan Meyer during the Toronto International Film Festival in a night out where they were spotted holding hands.

Kristen on being asked has said that she likes dating people who compliment her. Dylan definitely seems to be that girl in Kristen’s life now. 

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