Who is the Boss That Is Considered to Be the Hardest in Elden Ring

Elden Ring

Over the course of more than a decade, FromSoftware has built its reputation on the production of experiences that are meticulously paced and offer a high level of satisfaction. In addition to this, it is well known for the fact that its games are notoriously difficult to play, despite the fact that they are never unfair. This makes the experience of winning that much more satisfying for players who are able to overcome challenges. All of these design principles reached their zenith with the release of Elden Ring in 2017, a massive fantasy open-world role-playing game that featured a breathtaking setting to investigate and a great number of secrets to unearth. It was praised highly by both critics and players, and some even went so far as to say that it was the developer’s “magnum opus” and the pinnacle of everything it had accomplished up until that point. Elden Ring, being a game developed by FromSoftware, features the company’s signature challenging gameplay alongside its enormous open world. This high level of difficulty is present throughout the entirety of the game, from chance encounters with enemies while the player is exploring the world to terrifying death traps that are sprung on the player while they are exploring ancient tombs.

Instead, one of the most terrifying aspects of exploring the world of Elden Ring is the prospect of engaging in one of the game’s many terrifying boss fights. The fact that there are so many ferocious foes to contend with raises the question of which boss fight in the entirety of best mage build elden ring is actually the most challenging to complete. Although the overall difficulty of a boss fight can vary from player to player, the following battles are generally considered to be the most challenging in Elden Ring.

Fire GiantEven though the character has a name that is fairly unremarkable, it is the perfect example of how one should never judge a book by its cover. The Fire Giant, which lives up to the second half of its name, looms over the player like one of the many enemies that serve as bosses in Shadow of the Colossus. The slow but massive attacks of the Fire Giants result in a push-and-pull dynamic, in which the player must maintain a distance but also remain relatively close enough to land attacks. Because the Fire Giants take up so much space on the screen, their attacks are slow. The fact that the Elden Rings Fire Giant can also attack the player with a variety of projectile attacks based on fire is, if anything, even more, impressive than the fact that it can use its enormous shield as a melee weapon. The sheer size of this boss is the primary factor that contributes to the difficulty of the fight, as some of his attacks take place off-screen and his hitboxes are notoriously difficult to accurately target and hurt. However, if players keep trying, they will eventually be rewarded with a satisfying David and Goliath victory for defeating such a formidable adversary.

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MalekithMalekith is not only one of the most action-packed encounters in Elden Ring but also in all of FromSoftware’s other Soulsborne games due to the fact that he transitions from a large and sluggish boss to a much smaller one that is infinitely faster

  • Malek ith’s move set is deceptively swift, and as he lurks around the battlefield and paces toward the player, his attacks are purposefully designed to throw players off guard and catch them off, guard
  • The timing-based combat introduced in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is expanded upon in Malek ith’s many attacks, which require near-perfect reaction time and careful attention to his movements in order to successfully dodge and counter them
  • Some of these attacks also have a deliberate delay built into them, which tricks players into dodging them too early, which results in an even more damaging blow
  • The real nail in the coffin is that all of this is just the first phase of the fight; eventually, Malekith will transform into a second form that is even more lethal than the first
  • After that, he is able to leap all over the stage and shoot red energy beams from his sword that scatter across the entire screen
  • This leaves very little room for his opponents to avoid his attacks or find a gap through which they can escape

Elden Beast, also known as Radagon of the Golden OrderThese two boss fights are completely separate from one another from a technical standpoint. The players will have to face Radagon and Elden Beast in quick succession, which will result in a vicious one-two punch that is essentially equivalent to one prolonged confrontation. The first boss that the players will face is Radagon, and he is a particularly difficult adversary to fight. In order to defeat him, players will need to apply everything they have learned so far. He possesses a vast arsenal of attacks, ranging from straightforward melee combat to damaging moves that cover a significant amount of space in the arena. It is necessary to devise an entirely new strategy in order to avoid and respond appropriately to each of these attacks. It is important to resist the temptation to use up all of Elden Ring’s healing items at this stage of the battle against the Elden Beast, as there is still a second part of the battle against the Elden Beast, who is no pushover either. The Elden Beast does most of its damage dealing from a distance, using devastating ranged attacks that can quickly deplete a player’s health if they do not successfully avoid them.

It is a challenge, but it will be extremely satisfying to vanquish both of these bosses in quick succession. Malenia, Blade of MiquellaIt should not be understated that Malenia’s status as one of the most challenging bosses in any FromSoftware game, despite the fact that her inclusion is self-evident for anyone who has played Elden Ring. She is the perfect storm of any individual component that players would claim is challenging from another fight; however, she herself is the most difficult aspect of the fight. The onslaught that Malenia unleashes is not only lightning-fast, but also unfathomably vicious, and even a single attack can eat away at a significant portion of the player’s health. In a manner analogous to that described for Malekith earlier, she possesses deceptive combo attacks that have the potential to trick the player and leave them vulnerable to even further damage, all the while maintaining the ability to heal herself after each successful blow. The icing on the cake is her signature attack, which is called the Waterfowl Dance Attack. Not only is it a breathtaking sight to behold, but it is also widely considered to be among the most devastating attacks in any Soulsborne game.

It is notoriously challenging and encapsulates FromSoftware’s design philosophies in what is widely considered to be the single most difficult boss fight throughout the entirety of the game. Best mage build Elden ring can be played on personal computers, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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