Who’s Responsible for Your Injuries in a Car Crash?

Injuries in a Car Crash

If you have ever been injured in a car crash with an at-fault driver, you might be wondering who is responsible for your personal injuries. This article will tell you Who’s Responsible for Your Injuries in a Car Crash.

Personal injury law is complicated and varies among states; In Texas, for instance, there are different laws regarding personal injury than in other states. The importance of contacting a local lawyer arises from this reason. When you suffer a catastrophic injury in Dallas, a Dallas catastrophic injury lawyer can be of greater assistance than anyone else. however, there are some general guidelines that can help answer this question.

If the other driver was intoxicated or negligent (e.g., speeding), then he or she is typically liable for personal injury damages like medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering.

In cases where the other driver is insured, personal injury lawyer can help you recover damages from that insurance company.

Personal injury law differs when there are multiple drivers involved in a crash or if it was an accident caused by road conditions (e.g., potholes).

If someone else causes your injuries due to their negligent behavior, they should be held responsible for your medical bills and any resulting disabilities. 

We understand personal injury laws vary among states; however, personal injury attorneys can help sort through these laws to determine who may be liable for your injuries based on the details of the car crash scenario you were involved in. 

We will provide honest answers about what we know will work best for your case so you receive full compensation for all losses associated with the crash.

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The personal injury lawyers at our firm have a great deal of experience with personal injury cases and we will work hard to get you the compensation. But to get the compensation, first you need to buy SR22 insurance. Only when your vehicle is insured, our lawyers can help you out.

Different types of car accidents- Injuries in a Car Crash

Different types of car accidents have different personal injury laws associated with them. We have outlined a few of the common types below:

  • Head-on Collisions

When two vehicles collide head-on, those involved are often seriously injured or killed. The front of the car takes on some of the impact, so the driver and passengers often suffer. 

Those in the front seat are more likely to be injured than those riding in back, but all car occupants can suffer injuries. 

Head-on collisions are the most dangerous type of car crash because they typically involve two vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed directly towards each other.

  • Highway Construction Accidents

In a highway construction accident, personal injury claims are often complicated because the cause of the crash was not necessarily your fault. 

Construction zones can be dangerous, but personal injury claims can be denied if you do not present the right information to support your claim.

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If a highway construction accident has left you injured, you do not have to work with personal injury lawyers alone. 

Construction accidents are complex cases that need the help of engineers and accident reconstruction experts.

  • Rear-End Accidents

If you are driving in traffic and another car crashes into your rear end, who’s to blame?

This is what personal injury lawyers call “rear-end collisions.”

In personal injury law, who is at fault for rear-end car accidents depends on the specific circumstances

The different parties involved after an accident, and who is liable for what?

In personal injury law, a plaintiff is a person who brings forth an allegation that they have been injured in some way and that someone else is at fault.

The personal injury lawyer who takes the case represents that plaintiff in court and is paid a percentage of whatever they can recover on their client.

Liability of the driver who hit you:

If the person who hits your car is driving without insurance or has personal injury protection (PIP) coverage, their PIP will pay for your personal injuries.

If the person who hits you has no personal injury protection coverage, their liability insurance will pay for your medical expenses and personal injury.

If the person who hit you is under-insured, their personal liability insurance will pay for your personal injuries up to that limit.

Liability of the other party:

If the person who hit you is found to be at fault, their personal liability insurance will pay for your medical expenses and personal injury.

If the other party does not have personal liability insurance, you can pursue a claim against their personal assets.

You may also wish to contact other entities such as the car owner’s personal auto policy, and/or their employer if they were driving on company business.


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