Why are people so passionate about sneakers?


Some people might say that sneakers are just shoes, but for sneakerheads, they are a way of life. They’re not just something to wear when you have to run errands or go to the gym – they’re an expression of who you are. In fact, a recent survey by eBay found one in four admit to making a first impression based on footwear. 

So, what has made us so passionate about sneakers and why can’t sneakerheads get enough of growing their collection? 

  • They provide function and comfort

Whether you’re walking around all day or just wearing them to the gym, sneakers make your feet feel great. They mold to your feet over time so every step feels natural and supported. This is why so many people choose to wear sneakers instead of other types of shoes whenever they can – even for a night out! 

  • A way to keep up with the latest trends

Sneakers come in an endless variety of colors and styles, which means that there’s definitely a pair out there for everyone. From plain white tennis shoes to funky patterned designs, you can always find something fresh and current to suit any outfit or mood. 

  • They’re loved by our favorite sportspeople and celebrities

From red carpets to basketball pitches, our favorite A-Listers are always debuting stylish kicks (such as Nike Air Jordan 11’s) we’d love to get our hands on. Whether you’re looking to recreate their style or feel closer to the rich and famous, purchasing sneakers worn by celebrities and our favorite sportspeople is always exciting.

  • A way to try out the latest technology in fashion
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Additionally, many sneakers feature advanced technologies that improve traction and stability while you move – this is especially important when playing sport at high speeds or on uneven surfaces. Ultimately, this makes it easier for you to achieve your best performance whilst minimizing the risk of injury occurring. 

  • They’re often seen as a status symbol

Since sneaker culture has grown increasingly popular over recent years, many people now see owning cool kicks as a status symbol. Whether it’s the latest celeb collaboration or limited edition colourways, there’s always a rare pair of kicks to try and get your hands on!

  • Treating ourselves to something new

Let’s face it, everyone loves getting new kicks and buying a fresh pair is always exciting! Whether you’re a dedicated collector, or are just looking to keep up with the trends, there’s no feeling like stepping outside in a new pair of shoes for the first time.

Sneakers have undoubtedly grown in popularity amongst all generations in recent years, with over one in five Americans aged 35 to 44 saying that they are the most important item in their closet. Dressed up or down, you can hardly go wrong with a fresh pair!


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