Why Businesses Are Putting Consumers in the Driver’s Seat


“The customer is always right” is an old business maxim that still applies today. However, instead of a sales associate being face-to-face with shoppers, today’s customers are likely to be interacting with the company through an app on their phone.

The competition to deliver a personalized tech experience is a modern spin on an old practice. But it’s still new territory, and the most innovative disruptors are the people finding ways to turn stagnant industries upside down. 

Let’s check out how some of the leading disruptors today put consumers in the driver’s seat. 

Data Gives Users What They Want, Easily

Disruptors leverage data to build platforms that ask users what they want, then deliver it seamlessly. 

Nobul, for one, is a digital real estate marketplace founded by Regan McGee that lets users list their budget and describe what they want in a property. Then, they’ll get a notification as soon as a suitable listing hits the market. 

There’s no need to waste time scanning the listings manually. To be sure, most apps promise to deliver seamless and effective services.

The difference-maker involves an algorithm churning through millions of data points working hard in the background, so users enjoy an effortless experience.

Lower Prices, Better Service 

Customers love nothing more than a discount, especially when making the biggest purchase of their life. Nobul levels the playing field for homebuyers by having real estate agents compete for their business.

Incentivized agents often include free additional services or even cash back. Given the cost of housing in Toronto and across the GTA, buyers could use every discount they can get. 

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They also want to work with the right agent, which changes depending on their needs. For example, people buying luxury real estate want an agent with relevant experience, whereas first-time homebuyers may want an agent offering competitive pricing. 

How can customers resist using a product that makes life

If you make it easy for customers to get what they want at a lower price, how can they resist using your product? When customers are in the driver’s seat and choose your platform, everyone gets ahead.

Privacy is Essential

Technology touches on pretty much every industry now. There’s an app for everything people buy and need, from consumer goods to public health, hospitality, and more.

Whatever your app does to prioritize consumer needs can be undone overnight if there’s a data breach. You need to handle people’s private and sensitive data securely and ensure it never gets into the wrong hands.

Otherwise, consumers won’t trust your company. Safeguard your consumers’ data, and nobody will have anything to worry about. In addition to devastating reputational damage, data breaches can also introduce costly lawsuits that drain money, time, and energy from your business. 

People know what they want, and with all the data available today, companies increasingly know what this is. Businesses compete to deliver a more effortlessly personalized experience than their competitors. If you put consumers in the driver’s seat by prioritizing their needs and making the experience effortless and secure, they’ll steer themselves in your direction. 


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