Why Choose Party Bus Rental in Boston | Tips You Should Know

Party Bus Rental

For some years now, party buses have maintained their place in luxury transportation, doing a great job at giving your events a stylish feel, all at an affordable cost.  A party bus rental offers so much fun and excitement for all passengers, irrespective of their ages. This is because these special buses stand out from the regular vehicles by the extra space and fantastic amenities they offer. That is why many people opt for them when it comes to big events including formal parties and weddings.

In addition to the necessary amenities that party buses provide, they are safe and give your event a special feel.

In this article, we discuss reasons why choosing party bus rental Boston is worth it.

Shared cost

Renting a party bus rental is cheaper because you get to share the expenses with other people. If you take time to do the calculations, you would realize that a party bus will cost far less than what you would spend if each person were to take different cars to the event.

You should also remember that packing at a venue can cost a lot. Regardless of whether you’re paying at a parking meter or using a parking garage, expenses can add up after some hours. This method may not be the best solution, especially if your plan is to move across different locations.

By renting a party bus, expenses can be shared with the other guests. A lot of money will be saved on parking and you will eventually realize that the end cost for each guest might be lower than you think.

Ensure that you get a detailed list of costs from the service company ahead to have an idea of what to expect. You may want to add in the tip for the driver too.

More party people

Although each party bus rental in Boston MA comes with its own uniqueness, most of them can accommodate as many as forty people. You can expect a few variations depending on the bus you choose.

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Obviously, the number of people that a party bus can contain is far more than a traditional limousine can. Party buses are usually more comfortable for everyone. Your party can even start before reaching your destination.

Safe movement

You have no worries about your safety because the drivers of these party buses are well-trained professionals. No party attendee needs to drive their own vehicle to or from the party.

This is a good thing because there’s no temptation for anyone to drive when they shouldn’t. Everyone will enjoy a safe ride to the event and back.

More flexibility

Renting a party bus in Boston gives you much flexibility. Everyone is picked up and dropped off wherever they want. Even with many options of moving around, very few of them can offer to pick you up at your front door and return you home after the event.

With a party bus, you have the choice of going where you want and when to leave without issues. You get to your destination safely and are taken back home any time you want.

Logistics taken care of

For whatever reason you are renting a bus, you have the confidence that the driver will settle all the logistics including the route to take, parking, gas, other drivers, and every other challenge that involves traveling anywhere. This gives you time just to focus on having fun.

What do party buses include?

No matter the kind of event you are planning to hold, there’s a party bus that will serve you adequately. While some of them are great for a night out, some others are more suitable for a wedding service or airport shuttle.

A typical party bus is just a custom conversion of a regular touring bus and they are suitable for people of all ages.

Party bus rentals in Boston usually come with a luxury feel and styles, from awesome upholstery designs to comfortable and beautiful leather sofas. Most of them have some amenities such as leather couches, large flat-screen TVs with DVD players, minibars, video games, top-notch home entertainment systems, disco lights, a karaoke machine, smoke machines, hardwood dance floor, etc. 

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How do you plan a party bus party?

To avoid a hitch in your event, it is important to make adequate plans. You should check with the rental service that the date you’re picking is available. Once the date is confirmed, waste no time in booking the Boston party bus.

 The recommended time to book is at least four weeks before the event. Early booking gives you enough time to check the bus in person and find out what features and amenities it offers for the event.

It is important to let your guests know early for them to plan ahead for the party. Getting an accurate number of guests that will be attending your party is also important. This will help you in making other important decisions about the event. 

What does renting a party bus cost?

There are many factors that determine the cost of renting a party bus. According to Thumbtack, the national average cost of renting a party bus is $600, depending on a few factors.

You should expect to spend between $100 and $300 per hour to rent a party bus in Boston. Some of the determining factors of rental costs will include the distance, the kind of event, fuel surcharges, intermediate stops, and any special requests.

Many rental services offer special packages for common events so that you don’t have to worry about time while partying all night.


Whether you are planning to gather a few friends for a bar crawl or you want to hold a bachelor party, renting a party bus is one of the fun and safe ways to travel. Even if it is an event for a large number of people with plans to drink, no one has to worry about driving when they shouldn’t because a party bus is usually accompanied by professional drivers who will take care of all the logistics, and ensure you are picked at your front door to the destination and then back home anytime you want to leave.

Make sure that you make your booking early and take time to look at the Boston party buses in person before the journey.



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