Why Contactless Menus Are Here to Stay

Contactless Menus

With technology evolving rapidly, it’s imperative for businesses – especially eateries, to stay light on their feet and embrace changes in marketing strategies with open arms. One of the most significant changes has been contactless menus.

What is a Contactless QR Menu?

Contactless menus include a feature known as a quick response or a QR code. This unique pattern of white and black squares allows customers to point their smartphones in the direction of the code and scan it. This is usually done using either the in-built camera application or an external third-party reader application that you can download from the App Store or Google Play.

Scanning the code lands customers on the restaurant’s website. They can browse the online digital menu and order at their convenience. Straight from the palms of their hands!

Usually, you’ll find these contactless QR menus placed on every tabletop, where they’re easily accessible.

Moreover, suppose you’re looking for ways to upgrade the traditional QR menu. In that case, you can even introduce features such as payment processes!

The Power of QR Menus – Top Reasons To Embrace Them

If you’re still not convinced about whether or not a contactless QR menu could be the change your restaurant has been waiting for, don’t worry. We’ve rounded up the top reasons QR code menus are here to stay!

Safer and Hygienic

COVID-19 engulfed the past years, and we saw many changes in our lifestyles. Hugs and handshakes suddenly became forbidden, and coughing in public raised several eyebrows.

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Since multiple people touch conventional menus within a short time frame, they’re also one of the most significant risks of spreading germs. You don’t need to worry about contracting a deadly virus with QR code menus since scanning is all digital. This ensures a safer dining experience for all.

Easy Updates at Half the Cost

How many times have you held a menu and wished the restaurant manager considered updating it or, better yet, changed the laminating that covers it?

Our guess is way too many!

Making minor changes won’t throw off your monthly budget with contactless menus anymore! You can play around with different templates, add new items, or take off any that aren’t making the cut without paying hefty amounts for designing and printing services.

Better Data Analytics

If you’re going to run a successful business, you need to consider what your customers have to say. After all, they’re what matters most.

Contactless menus allow you to tap into customer data and monitor how they interact with the menu in real-time. This allows you to make the necessary changes to help your business bloom! Generate your contactless menu with Instalacarte today!


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