Why has online poker grown so much? EasyPPPoker explains why

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Figures for the last few months of 2020 show an increase in turnover and the number of online poker and gaming players. At least 20% more compared to the previous year and 7% between 2019 and 2018.

The Online Cricket Betting ID statistics are not misleading. The data reveals how the number of players and the consequent turnover in the poker world is on the rise. This is a pattern that has been repeating itself for several years now and remains constant. According to data published by Gros Gaming Revenue (GGR) the online gaming sector, iGaming, experienced a 20% increase in revenue year-on-year for the second quarter of 2020. In 2019, revenue figures for the online gaming sector were also positive. At least a total of €747 million was invoiced, which is 6.95% more compared to 2018. At present, iGaming remains stable, pending the publication of data for 2021. The situation resulting from the pandemic has caused a notable change in the behaviour of users and players, which has also influenced the increase in these figures.

As the poker portal easypppoker.com explains, the main reason why the world’s most popular card game has experienced growth during the pandemic is because many players have experimented with online platforms. “The pandemic and the confinement has changed the routine of poker players and has given way to many of those who participated in face-to-face tournaments to participate in online competitions,” explained the poker website. EasyPPPoker is responsible for the management of 4 of the best private clubs today and hundreds of tables that are constantly in operation. The specialist portal also explains that the increase in iGaming – which includes poker, blackjack, baccarat and traditional casino games such as roulette and slots – is due to the decline in sports betting over the past year. “Sports tournaments were suspended and, consequently, so was betting. This caused a migration of many players to other sectors of online gambling,” the portal describes.

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In any case, online gambling increased last year by 17.7% compared to the previous period. Traditional table games and poker had a turnover of 93.5 million euros and 38.2 million euros respectively, according to GGR data. For EasyPPPoker’s specialists, the suspension of the law regulating the online gambling and betting sector is also related to an increase in the number of players to date, although they anticipate that with the new entry into force – specifically on Tuesday 31 August, after the end of the period for companies to adapt to the legislative change – there may be a decrease in turnover. “The new regulation of online betting and gambling advertising in Spain will only allow companies to direct their offers to registered and verified customers and prohibits audiovisual advertising after hours. In other words, it is limited to the period from 1:00 to 5:00 am exclusively,” they say, referring to the regulation that implements articles 7 and 8 of Law 13/2011 of 27 May.

Despite this, it is expected that there will continue to be growth in the sector or that it will remain stable due to the new change in players’ routines. Above all, by those seeking to avoid the large crowds of face-to-face tournaments in Sit & Go or multi-table tournaments, among others.

Change in the routine of online poker players

Poker players have experienced a change of routine in the last year due to the pandemic situation, according to the portal EasyPPPoker, a reference in the supply of private clubs with thousands of online players. According to experts, the change in the behaviour of players has been derived from the pandemic, which has led to the temporary and permanent closure of many casinos and gambling halls. “The most significant increase took place in the second quarter of 2020, a time when most of the world was confined,” they note. This meant that many casinos and gaming halls closed and many players experimented with iGaming. The most popular sectors were poker, slots, roulette, blackjack and baccarat.

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This change in the players’ routine, explains the specialised portal, continues to this day, even though there are not so many bans. “Many players have discovered that playing online is just as safe and much more comfortable, as well as entertaining, since more experienced players can opt for multi-tabling and play several poker games simultaneously”, they point out. Online poker, they add, has a number of advantages over traditional poker. This is confirmed by the market analysis and opinion platform QueOpinamos.com, as indicated here. Among them are the convenience of playing at home, avoiding travel, the possibility of playing more hands, making friendly games, avoiding live tells, a wide variety of games, greater entertainment for multi-table games and being able to play at any time.

Suspension of sports betting

Finally, the website describes the suspension of sports betting as having played a major role in driving many online gamblers into the poker sector. “Many of the regular gamblers, both professional and amateur, decided to switch to poker, as well as other online gambling games, after the suspension of sporting events during the confinement following the Covid-19 pandemic,” they say. They also conclude that most players who experimented with this sector have remained stable due to the many advantages it offers them. Users have discovered new platforms and betting rooms, as well as online games that are more entertaining than sports betting, they conclude. 


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