Why is Virtual Team Building Important During Remote Working?


Virtual team building is the latest wave that has emerged throughout the world and has changed the way people work. The pandemic has flipped everything upside down in a matter of days, and the conventional way of working was soon thrown out of the window. Virtual team building can help your team seamlessly work and collaborate on different strategies and get the best possible outcomes.

Work from home is the new normal, and more and more companies are adopting this to save on the cost of office rent and other similar costs. The work in progress method needs to be practiced more to be mastered. 64% of businesses believe that virtual team setup will become a permanent component of business operations. Jambar team building can help you provide your team with the time, freedom, and resources to carry out their job with minimum wastage of time.

In this blog, we will walk you through the importance of virtual team building for your organization and why adopting it is crucial for your business.

Importance of Virtual Team Building

As people continue to work from home, the chances of feeling isolated can increase significantly. Surveys show that feeling isolated reduces productivity by 21%. This is why we need effective virtual team building as it enables distant co-workers to catch up, socialize, and connect with each other in a way that might be difficult otherwise.

If executed effectively, it can help strengthen connections and collaborations to benefit the business. The experience gained from working in person ensures that employees feel connected and motivated to be productive! Intentional team building can also facilitate a collaboration mindset, building communication and new skills such as teamwork.

The Practice Needed to Work Remotely

Everybody needs to get used to virtual work before they can completely master it. This practice can help avoid difficulties while working in the future. Below mentioned are a few ways to enhance the remote working experience.

  • Find Time for Small Talk: When online meetings begin, it is all too simple to get right down to business. However, consider including a few minutes for informal check-in and small conversations. Teammates and employees do not get much time to interact and bond with each other. Therefore, small small talks and conversations can greatly enhance the bond between employees working remotely.
  • Be Creative: One must embrace creativity in order to win over the team members. Think of unique ideas and mix them with a little to keep everyone interested in the topic or agenda. Creativity can also help boost overall productivity.
  • Leverage Virtual Team Building Experts: Currently, 25% of the global workforce relies completely on virtual team building, and this is no news because it is obvious that employees need virtual team-building now more than ever. However, if you are overwhelmed by the challenge of building a trusting connection with remote team building, hire a professional and make it happen.Virtual team builders are experts equipped with the right sets of skills and tools to bring out the best of your team efforts.
  • Team Building Exercise: Putting in continuous efforts to revolutionize virtual team management can keep the employees motivated, and team-building exercises are a perfect way to achieve that goal. Consider the cultural expectations and individual personalities of individuals to get the best results. For instance, it can be challenging for an introvert to talk openly during team discussions. Therefore, one should make sure to encourage people through different team-building exercises.


Virtual team building training is a great way to enhance communication, build trust, increase creativity, reduce conflict, and help team members understand each other in a better manner. That is also an invaluable way for familiarizing oneself with technologies like video conferencing, as it saw a notable boom in traffic by about 535% in 2020.

Jambar team building can help you determine fun ways to build and encourage team members through different sorts of engaging activities. Therefore, put an end to this wait and reap the benefits of seamless collaboration among your team members and employees.



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