Why Netflix Gift Card Is The Best Gift For Binge-Watcher In The UK?

Gift For Binge-Watcher

Netflix, Inc. launched its Gift Cards in the UK back in 2015. They aimed at making the payment method more convenient and obstacle-free. A person without a debit/credit card or Paypal account couldn’t use Netflix earlier. A Netflix gift card is more or less like an iTunes gift card and can be used to make payments to the existing account and even create a new one and is best gift for binge-watcher. For instance, if you don’t know about Netflix, Netflix is an on-demand Internet streaming media platform and is one of the leading OTT platforms in the industry. In this blog, you will know Why Netflix Gift Card Is The Best Gift For Binge-Watcher In The UK.

Is A Netflix Gift Card The Best Gift for Binge-Watcher? 

Did you ponder over What you would present your cousin on her next birthday, if not the same teddy? Or What could be a more cheap and effective gift for your girlfriend if not a diamond ring? Well, you need not ponder anymore. 

Netflix Gift Cards could prove to be more exciting and value-efficient gifts. How? They, probably, must have searched, “Best Horror movies on Netflix UK“, so what could be more astonishing than to let them stream more. 

Still, if you’re not convinced let’s dive in deeper and find out whether Netflix Gift Cards are a good option as a gift for binge-watcher in the UK. 

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1. Netflix is Extremely Popular

There are very few chances that the person you gift the card to is not interested in streaming their favorite shows. Last year Netflix had 200M paid subscribers. And counting those who watch from their friend’s account the number would cross over 300M. 

The best part about Netflix Gift Cards is it can be used to create new accounts. So, even if the person doesn’t have an account they can make one within 10 minutes and start streaming seamlessly. 

2. One account can use more than one Gift Cards

Another convenience of Netflix Gift Cards is that a single account can be used to redeem multiple cards. Even if your friend has an active Netflix plan or already has a Gift card they’ll still be able to use it. 

3. It Is No Less Than Cash

Netflix Gift cards are as good as Cash. The user can hold it as long as they want and can use it as and when required. Sometimes they can be considered better than cash as they hold their value irrespective of the market going up or down. 

4. Easy Mode Of Payment

A person using Netflix Gift Card can use the redeemed points to purchase any plan without using any debit/credit card. In case the balance isn’t enough even then they can stream as long as the balance allows. 

5. It Can Be Used Even After Cancellation

Netflix allows its users to cancel their subscriptions at any time. And if a gift card holder does so, they get 10 months to decide if they want to continue or drop off permanently. If a user cancels their subscription they won’t be charged from their Gift Card Balance unless they resume till the next 10 months. 

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Although the Netflix Gift Card amount isn’t refundable or convertible to cash, the users can still use it as long as the balance allows. 

6. Availability

Netflix Gift Cards are available offline as well as online. It can be ordered on Amazon to be delivered via email or can be purchased from retail stores. 

How Much a Netflix Gift Card Costs? 

Netflix gift cards can be bought at £15, £25, or £50 prepaid amount. They are non-refundable and cannot be converted back to cash. They do not expire, which is mentioned on the back of the Cards. Suppose, the account is created for the first time the free trial period goes undisturbed and you’ll be charged post-free trial period.

How To Redeem A Netflix Gift Card? 

If you’re not sure about the convenience or don’t know how to redeem a Netflix Gift Card follow the below-mentioned steps

  • Go to netflix.com/redeem.
  • Scratch the back of your card gently to find the code. The code can be found in the email, in case you have a digital gift. If you have a physical Gift Card, the code can be found on its back. 
  • After entering the code select the Redeem button.
  • Enter the email address linked with your account, or create a new account if you don’t have any.
  • A confirmation screen will appear, then you can Start Watching or get started with your Membership


Netflix is one of the earliest, most preferred, and extremely popular on-demand Internet streaming service providers and has high-quality content. A Netflix Gift Card as gift for binge-watcher is as good as giving cash or several entertaining hours to your friends or employees or parents, in fact, anybody. 

And the fact that multiple cards can be redeemed on a single account, the Cards never expire, and that they can be used even after cancellation makes it more convenient and tempting.



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