Why Non-Emergency Medical Transport is Essential?


We know emergency medical transport is very essential. However, non-emergency medical transport is important as well. If you are wondering, here let us explain in detail. Non-emergency medical transport or NEMT can be used for various reasons including elder care transport, para transit, and door to door service.

There are various companies that provide NEMT service. This use of para transit services are increasing as these companies are upgrading themselves. They are using some advanced features like RouteGenie NEMT software

To answer your questions, we are explaining every detail of a non-emergency medical transportation service in this article. We will also guide you to choose the right NEMT service for yourself or your family. 

What is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?

Before we dig further, we need to know what non-emergency medical transportaion is. In simple words, non-emergency medical transport is designed for those people who are not life-threatening but have illness. 

However, many providers offer NEMT service to elderly people and people with disabilities. This means, NEMT will help those people who can’t drive to a medical appointment. 

Nowadays, para transit has become a part of medical transport which is shared riding service for people with disabilities. Many NEMT companies provide vehicles for both disabled people and patients. 

If you are a senior citizen and having problems while driving, you can get help from non-emergency medical transportation as well. Para transit companies provide vehicles (mostly small vans or buses) and certified professionals.

Problems a Non-Emergency Medical Transport Solves

We have already discussed that a NEMT service is very beneficial for some people. To elaborate it, we need to know what problems a non-emergency medical transport can solve. Let’s find out:  

  • Safety and Security

We know non-emergency medical transport services are dedicated to disabled people. So, their main goal is ensuring the customer’s safety. While a disabled person can face difficulties using public transport, NEMT service is the safer option. Plus, their trained professionals go beyond normal public transport services. 

  • Isolation

As for normal people, it’s a piece of cake to hop in the car and go anywhere. However, it’s not that easy for people with disabilities and mobility issues. This is why they feel isolated from the isolated world. Plus, using public transport also affects them mentally. That’s why a NEMT service can be the perfect solution. 

  • Missing Medical Check-ups
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Many senior citizens miss their regular medical appointments because of their disabilities. When they can’t drive properly, they try to skip those appointments. If one of your family members is having the same issue, you can get help from a NEMT provider. They will assist him/her to reach the healthcare center securely. 

  • Stress on Loved Ones

When your elderly parents or grandparents are driving alone, it could stress you out about possibilities. Similarly, if someone from your family has disabilities, it’s stressful to let them go somewhere alone. To end your stress, it’s better to get help from a NEMT service provider. 

Types of Non-Emergency Medical Transport Providers

Now you know what problems could be solved by using a NEMT service. If you want to know about the types of NEMT services, we are covering them in the following. Well, there are some more specialized services but we are giving only two examples. 

  • Para Transit

As the name says, para transit is designed for people with disabilities. Some companies offer complete para transit as a shared riding. You can book a schedule via their official website or mobile application. 

This type of transport is more focused on point-to-point location services. That means, the driver will pick you from your location and drop you at your destination location. 

  • Door to Door Service

Door to door is quite similar to para transit but it is mostly used for elderly people. Sometimes companies offer door-to-door service to patients. For example, if an elderly person needs to go for a doctor’s appointment, they can get help from door-to-door service. 

This door to door service can be provided by a healthcare center, a transport company, and a non-profit organization. 

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How to Choose a Non-Emergency Medical Transport Provider

Finally, you know why non-emergency medical transport is essential. If you are looking for a service provider, we are here to help you out. Finding the right NEMT provider can be crucial sometimes. As we noted above, many companies provide NEMT services. 

However, it does not mean all those services can fit your requirements. To find the right agency, make sure you are clear about your requirements. For example, if you have disabilities, choosing para transit is better. On the other hand, if you are a senior citizen, it’s better to use a door-to-door service. 

Moreover, you need to check if the service provider is offering some essential things such as:

  • Timeliness
  • Safety and security
  • Customer support 
  • Certified professionals

On the other hand, you need to check how the company is providing services. Most NEMT providers always prefer their service within the local area. So, make sure you are choosing one from your local area. 


As you can see non-emergency medical transportation is very essential in today’s world. Not just they provide services for patients but also for disabled and elderly people. If you are looking for one, make sure you are researching as per our guidance. For more information regarding a certain NEMT company, you can contact them directly. 


Q: What do medical transports do?

Medical transports help patients and people with disabilities to reach their destinations quickly. Most non-medical transport companies provide dedicated services to their clients.

Q: What are non-emergency transportation examples?

There are various examples for non-emergency transportations such as para transit, door to door service, and volunteer driver program. This type of transportation system is specially designed for people with mobility issues. 

Q: Who uses Nemt?

Non-emergency medical transportation is designed for those people who have disabilities and mobility issues. So, the passengers of this service are mostly those people. However, some patients also use NEMT.



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