Why Should You Consider Location as an Important Factor When Renting an Accommodation Abroad?

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Studying abroad poses several challenges. But the one that is a primary focus of all students travelling abroad is finding the right student accommodation at the right location. The right connectivity, amenities, and proximity to essential services are extremely important as it takes time to know the new city well and find its footing. This is why choosing the right location is even more important than finding suitable accommodation as all other things can be altered, but not the impact of the place of your rented accommodation. So, if you are planning to study abroad, the location is essential when renting a student accommodation.

1. Proximity to essential services

Our daily life requires us to commute to different locations. Be it college, workplace, shopping centres, railway station, or airport, and these are essential destinations that should be close to your rented accommodation when looking for a house. That apart, the location’s proximity to hospitals and other basic amenities must also be considered. These things will make your living more comfortable and save you from the hassle of commuting long distances.

2. The neighbourhood 

Most residential areas can be broadly categorized into localities with a high-income population (plush areas) or middle-income groups. Depending upon your income group, you must consider the locality as plush areas will mostly have higher rent, costlier amenities. Middle to low-income localities will have lower rent and more affordable living.

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3. The neighbours

One of the biggest challenges people face while looking out for accommodation is the rules society sets for tenants. While some neighbours allow singles and bachelors to stay within their premises, some societies only allow families or married couples. So, you must choose a location that fits your needs. Most areas closer to the universities or education hubs have affordable student accommodations which are compatible for both students and bachelors.

4. Ease of living and peace of mind

The location of your rented accommodation will also determine the quality of your life. For example, if your house is located in an extremely noisy, dirty, unclean, and cluttered locality, you will not feel comfortable living there. On the other hand, if it’s a peaceful locality with good amenities, good roads, clean, spacious, and friendly people, your life will be much more enjoyable. So, location can have a direct impact on your happiness.

Which is more important – the location or the property?

Regarding finding a student accommodation, location is the most important factor you must consider. You can always find a suitable property within that location with a little more search, but the kind of comfort and suitability that a location provides can’t be compared. Be it a location that is either close to all the essential destinations, or a neighbourhood that suits your living style. The location will eventually determine the kind of life you lead. Even if you have to compromise with a smaller house, if the location of that house suits your preferences, you can enjoy a more comfortable and peaceful lifestyle.

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You might find a good place to live, but if the locality is dirty, has frequent power cuts, has a water shortage, or is too noisy, then it will not remain liveable. A great place in a small house can provide just the kind of student life you want. This is why location is essential while renting a property.

Whenever you plan to move abroad for studies, look for the best student accommodation provider who can help you find a cosy place at the desired location. And to search for the best options, visit RentOspace, a complete portal for all student-related accommodation requirements. You will never have to compromise on your living space as RentOspace provides the best opportunities.


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