Why Should You Hire A Professional Residential Painter?

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So, you’ve taken a look around the old homestead and decided that now is the time for a makeover. Whether that makeover involves a single bedroom, the entire downstairs, or a complete redo of the exterior, it is certainly worth considering hiring a Melbourne painting service, and many are available in the area!. 

While you may be under the impression that such a project simply involves a couple of brushes, a paint roller, and a chosen color, a professional Melbourne painting service knows that this is far from the case. Have you considered the cleaning and preparation of the surfaces involved to ensure a beautiful finished product? Do you know how to repair small holes, cracks, and other damage? And are you even aware of all the possibilities out there when it comes to redecorating your house? As you can certainly see, there are a number of things to take into account.

First, consider the savings in your time. Do you really want to spend your free hours prepping and painting? Wouldn’t you rather be doing something else? Surely you have more productive, or enjoyable, ways to spend your time. Any given Melbourne painting service will be prepared to step in and get the job done more quickly and efficiently than you could possibly manage to do it yourself, and with professional results!

Painting services Melbourne will provide quality workmanship using the best paints and superior equipment. After all, this is their business and they are far more likely to invest in quality tools than a do it yourself homeowner. Furthermore, with years of experience, they will be able to help with your selection of paint and finishes. Professionals know how to properly clean and prepare a wall in order to produce the best-finished effect. 

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A professional Melbourne painting service will strive to meet your demands, and, in doing so, will often exceed them by paying close attention to detail, details that you, yourself, may overlook. For example, are you aware that an eggshell finish is far easier to clean and maintain than a flat finish wall paint? Have you done your homework when researching all the various paint effects and textures out there in addition to color? By hiring a Melbourne painting service you open up a world of possibilities, decorator choices you may not have considered.

Additionally, beyond aesthetic considerations, there are certainly practical ones. Professional painting services are licensed and insured, meaning that any damage done to your property during their deployment is covered. The problem can be corrected, and the job continues, without any additional expense to worry about. But make sure you are clear on just what is covered to avoid surprises. Before you enter into an agreement with a painting service here in Melbourne, or anywhere for that matter, be sure to have and understand a contract. In this contract, there are many things that should be clearly spelled. Confirm a start and finish date, what preparation is needed and expected, what quality and brand of paint is to be used, and how many coats. Be aware that there may be additional charges for the removal of furniture and the addition, or removal, of certain textures on the walls and ceilings. The more precise you are in defining your expectations, the more stress-free the whole operation will be. 

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  1. You made a good point that professional painters can do the job more efficiently than me so it will save me a lot of time to just hire painters. I realized recently that stray cats have been scratching the side wall of my house and have done significant damage to the paint. It’s been years after all since the exterior of my house was last painted so I guess it really is about time for a fresh coat.


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