Why should you use survey software?

Why use survey software

Market research, questionnaires and surveys can be a very important asset in your marketing toolbox. Directly asking your potential and loyal customers what they need, how they perceive your brand, what are your weaknesses etc. is a way to constantly improve yourself and your business. That’s why you need professional survey software and here are some of its use.

Sure enough, conducting such investigations on your own will cost time, money, energy and talents you could probably apply elsewhere. So a complete automated system is what you really need

Benefits of a survey software

Using a web-based system to conduct your surveys has a lot of advantages. You could easily manage mail contacts and data; collect and analyze responses and send the questions to every targeted member of your audience at once. 

1. Survey software are cost-effective

That means you will pay a little price for a lot of knowledge. Most services have a once-in-a-lifetime or monthly-based cost that will be surely covered by the massive amount of information they will gather for you. 

2. They are quick and automated

You won’t need an army of trained staff in order to manage your survey software. The most important thing about these services, in fact, is how easy to use, fast and automated they are. You will collect masses of valuable information without even knowing. 

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3. More people will respond to online surveys

As opposed to long and tiresome interviews on the phone or face-to-face, online surveys are more likely to convince your audience to actually respond. They are easy, quick and most of the time anonymous.  

4. Survey software store and collect data more easily

A good survey software tool will be intuitive and easy to use. But most of all, it will be automated. That means each and every answer is automatically and safely stored for you to analyze it and look at it whenever you want. Also, the human error is less likely to occur. 

5. They are flexible and tailor-made

The most effective survey tools are completely tailor-made on your special needs and goals. You can also change them in time, in order to collect more precise and valuable data about your target audience

Improve your ROI

Using good professional survey software means increasingly improving your return on investment. That’s because the little price you pay will make for a lot of precious information, safety and accurate data. 

Human element removed, shielded by online anonymity, your average prospect will be more open and honest. This way you will gather more accurate and real answers to use in your research. In other words, you will get a lot after paying very little. 

Different methods to conduct researches

If your main goal is to collect data about your audience, your most loyal customers or potential prospects, you can use several methods. Survey softwares usually provide a variety of ways to send your questions to the right people. 

  • E-mail marketing campaigns. A good campaign will offer something to your audience in exchange for their participation. It could be a coupon or special offer, a little gift or a freebie. Whatever you use, make sure to acquire new information from them through an easily compiled form. 
  • Social media marketing. Using your social network profiles in order to gather information about your audience is crucial. Through a perfect targetization, these media will automatically reach the right people you are searching for and collect their responses. 
  • More traditional ways include callings and physical filled-out forms, which can be integrated in your survey software with mixed methodology such as CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview) and other archive and storage solutions.
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Whichever methodology you choose to apply to your research, the key ingredient is data analysis. A perfectly conducted survey will get you nowhere without a good archive. 

Take advantage of flexible survey softwares

Professional survey tools have a great feature: flexibility. Depending on your exact goal and what kind of data you need to collect, you can tailor the questionnaire on your precise needs. This could include open and closed questions, callings and web-based questionnaires, and many other things. Also, you could switch from one methodology to another and conduct split tests in order to understand what works best. 

Use mixed methodologies for a better result. Open-ended questions and multiple choices, the true/false method, and different subjects will all be at your disposal. You can also change layout, colors, question order to attract more prospects and gather more and more data. 

After conducting your survey, the software will present you with data collection in graphs, charts or other layouts to make it as clear as possible. Depending on what is your main goal, you will have a clear and easy-to-navigate data archive. This will help you create targeted marketing campaigns, enrich your brand identity, acquire new customers and much more. 


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