The Passage Season 2 : Why Fox cancelled the show without giving a perfect climax?

The Passage Season 2
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The renewal of Justin Cronin’s American vampire-thriller novel “the passage” on the big screen was worth a shot. The first season of the Passage released in January 2019 grasped the attention of over 5 million viewers. However, the show witnessed a 50% drop in audience as it paced towards season one’s finale. Without a doubt, the viewership of the show didn’t look so good. And thus, finally, in May 2020, Fox confirms the cancellation of “the passage season 2.” The main question arising among the fan-following of the show is – If viewership is the only reason for the passage season 2 to get canceled without another shot on Fox?

What is “The Passage” TV show all about?

To begin with, the Passage by Justin Cronin renewed by Liz Heldens primarily focuses on the tragic story of a ten-year-old, Amy Bellafonte, and her association with Project Noah as a test subject. As bad as it sounds for Amy, her Federal Agent – Brad Wolgast takes a step back and adopts Amy. At first, he tried to push Amy as a test subject for the Noah project. But, later in the show, Brad and Amy’s connection started to embrace, and now, both go beyond their power to protect themselves from the injustice of use of Amy as a test subject.

The Passage is no longer coming out
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Spoiler Alert: Project Noah started by Major Nichole Sykes to protect the human race from deadly diseases. But, the project’s findings also confirmed that any glitches in the project could lead to terrible results. Significantly, the destruction of the human race. 

Although by the end of the passage season 1, Scientist Nichole successfully invents a cure of all diseases in human beings, simultaneously, a new race also takes place in the same world as a consequence. Now, the world is on the verge of an apocalypse that will go beyond the supreme power to destroy the human race. 

Hence upon the potential cancellation of the Passage season 2 by Fox Network, there are chances that the viewers of the show will not witness the end of it. But, on the other hand, you can always buy Justin Cronin’s ‘The Passage Trilogy’ to learn what happens at the end of the show!

When is the Passage season 2 coming out?

Unfortunately, The Passage season 2 has canceled by the Fox Network. In March 2019, Fox had confirmed the Passage second season’s production, but, due to COVID-19, the show’s production got delayed. In the meantime, Fox changed its decision from remaking the passage for the next installment to canceling it. The network is continuing with its world-class shows such as Grey’s Anatomy.

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Luckily, there are rumours going around that Netflix is examining the viewership of The Passage American Television Series. Hence, you can expect Netflix or even Amazon Prime Video to pick up the show for season 2 and probably more. If not, the discussion ends here.

The Passage Season 1 list of Episodes

  • Pilot 
  • You Owe Me a Unicorn
  • That Never Should Have Happened to You
  • Whose Blood is that?
  • How you gonna outrun the end of the world?
  • I want to know what you taste like?
  • You are like the sun
  • You are not that girl anymore
  • Stay in the light 
  • Last Lesson

What is the plot of The Passage Season 2?

As mentioned before, the Passage season 2 is not coming out as cancelled by Fox. However, there’s no harm in untangling your curiosity to know what happens next in the Passage season 2. 

the passage season 2 cast info
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Here’s what happens – The Passage Season 2 will pick up (a big maybe) the story from where it was left off in season 1 – 97 years ahead in the future. It will also go to flashback from time-to-time to remind the viewers what happened approximately 100 years ago and how everything turned out for the main characters.  Sadly, now you may need to crawl through the passage – original novel to know the story word by word. 

Who are all in the cast of The Passage?

  • Mark-Paul Gosselaar is appearing as Brad Wolgast
  • Saniyya Sidney is appearing as Amy Bellafonte
  • Jamie McShane is appearing as Tim Fanning.
  • Caroline Chikezie is appearing as Nichole Sykes.
  • Emmanuelle Chriqui is appearing as Lila Kyle
  • Brianne Howey is appearing as Shauna Babcock
  • McKinley Belcher III is appearing as Anthony Carter
  • Henry Ian Cusick is appearing as Jonas Lear.
  • Vincent Piazza is appearing as Clark Richards
the passage season 2
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Stay tuned with us for more updates. Visit back just in case Fox changes its mind – wink!


  1. Yes, I have heard from a friend of mine it would be a big hit with people taking psychiatric meds, since they can identify with it.The not being in control until they take their meds. That was basically how the vampires were in the tv show. They were in complete control of themselves in their dreams.


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