Why you need a room divider for your small living space

a room divider

When you live in a small room, a room divider are one of the best ways to smake it seem bigger. You can use room dividers for your living room, bedroom or home office space too! We all know that when there’s nothing but open space in front of us, it doesn’t feel like there’s much room at all.

Room dividers are extremely versatile pieces of furniture that are great for filling up empty spaces and giving the impression of greater room size. They come in various designs, sizes and styles so you can pick one based on how much room you need to fill up. If you live in an old apartment building where floor plans are unusual, room dividers will help give your space definition while still leaving enough space to move around.

Room dividers are great for reducing noise too! If you have room dividers between your living room and the kitchen, it’s likely to reduce the noise levels in each room greatly which means you can enjoy watching TV or reading a book without being disturbed by the sound of household chores. 

Here are some types of room dividers that are perfect for small living spaces:

1) Japanese room divider screens 

Room divider screens come in all sorts of designs and styles – from stylish wood lattice screens to jacquard patterned fabric panels that provide privacy while still allowing light through. You can easily shift their location within your room whenever necessary with these room dividers. They’re perfect for creating different configurations for different purposes.

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2) Bi-fold room dividers 

Bi-fold room dividers are ideal for creating more room space when necessary. You can set it up to divide the room into two or even close it off to create a private room within your room – just like what you see in hotels! Some bi-fold screens also come with useful storage spaces which means you don’t have to take up too much room at all. When not needed, simply fold them away and store them against the wall!

3) Sliding doors room divider 

For extreme flexibility, sliding door room dividers are great as they allow you to adjust their position anywhere along the floor length of your room subduing space without taking up too much room. Some room dividers feature shelves right in the middle which is great for storing books or decorative items while still creating definition in your room.

4) Glass room dividers 

For rooms that need to be divided but also allow light through, glass room dividers are an excellent option. They’re transparent and lightweight so they won’t take up too much room either! You can easily move them around when necessary. Many of these room dividers come with mounts so you can attach them to walls when needed. There are many options to choose from depending on how much room you want to fill up.

5) Portable room dividers 

If you often have guests over for parties, portable room dividers are perfect as they’ll allow you to divide your room according to the number of guests and the layout of your room. They’re also great as room dividers for children’s playrooms too! When not needed, simply stack them away in a corner until next time.

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There are plenty of room divider options available for small living spaces, so be sure to check out our website for more inspirations and ideas on how best to use room dividers in your home!


What room dividers do you recommend for small spaces? 

Here are some room dividers that we can recommend: room divider screen, bi-fold room dividers and sliding doors room dividers. 

Which room divider is best to divide a playroom? 

Portable room dividers would be the ideal room divider for your playroom. You can also get room dividers with storage features such as shelves and cupboards! 

How do I store room dividers after I’ve finished using them? 

Most of these room dividers fold up so you can easily slide them against the wall on their mountings. If you do not have enough space on your walls or floor, you can also get under-bed storage drawers which will keep them out of sight while saving up room at the same time! 

Where can I find room dividers for small spaces? 

We have plenty of room dividers available on our website. You can check them out here: room divider ideas.


Whether it’s folding room dividers or room dividers with shelves, there are plenty of room divider designs available to suit any room size. These room dividers will allow you to divide your small living space in creative ways so you can maximize the functionality of your home!


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