Black summer season 2 coming soon | Check new release date, trailer update, and plot twist

black summer season 2

Black summer has been one of the most famous shows premiered on Netflix in April 2019. To begin with, in November 2019, the creators of the show Karl Schaefer and John Hyams declared the renewation of the show for its next season. However, it is late April 2020 already and there are no updates on Black summer season’s new release date. Does it mean black summer season 2 is canceled? Or, is Black summer season 2 delayed? Let’s find out.

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Here’s a little bit about what is Black summer tv-series is all about? For the most part, Black summer is quite a unique zombie apocalypse drama that revolves around Rose who lost her daughter, Anna, and she is eager to find her. However, during the zombie season, her journey would not be any easier. The series has shot in North America that parades a group of refugees as the barriers to Rose’s journey of finding her Anna. 

What is the Black summer season 2 new release date?

As mentioned before, after the 2019 update on Black summer renewation for its season 2, there has been no update. According to some rumors, Black summer season 2 has been canceled. However, that’s not true. To begin with, the rumor is quite connected to another show called Z-Nation which is also based on Zombie Apocalypse. To summarize, the show after five seasons has ended. Further, its streaming partner Syfy has denied raising the drama from a perfect last episode in season 5. 

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Thus, to the reader’s fortunate, Black Summer season 2 is coming soon without a doubt. However, it is unfortunate that due to the COVID-19 Virus Epidemic across the globe, the next season may get delayed up until 2021. Hence, we regret to inform you that 2020 of fans will go without any zombie action on the screen.

Is there a Black summer season 2 trailer?

No! Up until this time, neither Netflix nor any other streaming platform has released a black summer season 2 trailer. But, we are happy to inform you that Black summer season 2 will bring eight outstanding thrilling episodes likewise its season 1. 

In the meantime, if you are the first-time viewer for black summer season 1, check out its trailer below:

List of Black summer season 1 episodes

  1. Human Flow
  2. Drive
  3. Summer School
  4. Alone
  5. Diner
  6. Heist
  7. The Tunnel
  8. The Stadium

Black Summer season 1, the last episode explained!

In the latest episode of Black Summer, the viewers witnessed refugees along with many other survivors reach a stadium. But, since zombies are following, there is a lot of horrors. To begin with, in the last episode, Carmen turns into a zombie because of the crossfire. Apart from this, in one of the scenes, William seems helpful among the crowd of zombies and requests Rose to kill him as he does not want to turn into an undead. Rose responds to his request by shooting him in the head. At the end of the episode, Rose reunites with her daughter in the empty stadium. 

What happens next? is where the real suspense lies! Has Rose actually found her daughter? Or, Is it simply a dream? Or, Is it a beginning to another zombie nightmare? Stay tuned to our reading for more!

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Black Summer Vs. Z-Nation

According to the readers’ queries across the internet, the myth that black summer and Z-nation are the same unfoldings. But, it is not true at all. Yes! Z-nation is a parent series of Black summer. However, the storyline of both tv series is very different, except the fact that both revolves on the subject of Zombie apocalypse. Apart from this, in both shows, Jamie King is playing the roles of protagonists. 

Thus, our readers must not confuse between these two. Of course, for watching support, you can stream Black summer season 1 on Netflix whereas Z-Nation is available on Syfy. Here’s a reason to watch Z-nation, do you remember Caroline from the famous Vampire Diaries. She is appearing in Z-nation as well. Thus, relive your days of Vampire Diaries with Z-nation streaming at Syfy online platform.

black summer season 2


Black summer season 2 is coming soon. It is time to increase the show’s rating from 75% to 100% with zero criticism because without a doubt, this tv series is purely a nightmare for those fans who love action, thriller, and horror on a single screen.


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