Willem Defoe Reportedly Being Eyed For a Potential Villain Role in MCU


The Spider-Man callbacks continue folding into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Half a month prior, it was accounted for that Sam Raimi is in converses with direct Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and now there’s a potential second Raimi-set of three gatherings going to the MCU.

Sources near WGTC – similar ones who disclosed to us National Treasure 3 was being developed a year ago and that Han would return in Fast and Furious 9 back in the late spring, the two of which are presently affirmed – state that Willem Dafoe is one of the names being taken a gander at for a potential scalawag job in the establishment. 


Dafoe has since quite a while ago had a relationship with the superhuman sort and supervillains, obviously, and however, fans will have spotted him as hero Nuidis Vulko in 2018’s Aquaman.

It was his exhibition as terrible awful baddie Norman Osborn (otherwise known as the Green Goblin) in Spider-Man that earned him the most approval. This new job would very likely have nothing to do Osborn however; as we’re hearing that it could be Kang or Annihilus, or maybe another scoundrel completely. 

Whoever it ends up being, curve American villainy is a quality frequently woefully missing at the films – it is possible that they cast a Brit because of a paranoid fear of depicting any Yank as offensive, or the Yank being referred to gets in a split second overlooked, hurled on the heap of other dispensable blockbuster trouble makers.

Dafoe has just demonstrated his accreditations once, and right around two decades later, I’m certain he’d do the business once more. On the off chance that he winds up joining the establishment, that is. As now, he’s just being peered toward. 

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Humor me with a complete trip of imagination for a second, however. Assuming Raimi gets the Doctor Strange gig, it’s not impossible that Dafoe’s character could be prodded in that film.

There’s a chance bound to wet the lips of web message sheets the world over. Raimi, Dafoe, the MCU, the stars could be adjusting. In spite of the fact that there’s additionally an equivalent possibility; none of what I’ve recently composed happens. I surmise we’ll need to sit back and watch.


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