Winter Sports in Minnesota: A Comprehensive Guide for Outdoor Enthusiasts

winter sports

Winters in Minnesota can be a time of joy and fun. Many winter sports are yours for the taking! For example, there’s camping, ice fishing, and snowmobiling. Yet, it will take careful planning and the proper gear to stay safe. 

Of course, you can still enjoy the fresh air in Minnesota while doing fun winter activities. Just make sure you protect your extremities and your eyes.

Check out some of our favorite winter sports to do in Minnesota during the wintertime. 


Winter camping can be pretty thrilling. It gets cold, though, so you need the right supplies. You’ll need a quality tent, a heavy-duty sleeping pad, and a top-quality sleeping bag. 

The winter camping tents today have vents for woodstoves. So, you can use this to your advantage to stay warm. Before going, learn to build a campfire on snow to get the full effect. That way, you’ll be able to keep warm throughout your camping adventure. 

Cross-Country Skiing

There’s something incredibly peaceful about cross-country skiing in Minnesota. It’s lovely to enjoy the activity after the stars come out. 

Many streams and creeks freeze solid during the winter months. With a fresh coat of powder on a rock-solid ice creek, you have an ideally smooth path to ski on. 

If the wind is calm, you’ll be surprised how far you can go before noticing the northern lights or the new dawn. 

Always prioritize your safety and move off the stream as the day warms up.

Ice Fishing

Sitting in a tiny shack on a frozen lake may not seem like a great deal of fun. However, ice fishing is incredibly peaceful, like cross-country skiing under the stars.

Inside the ice house, it needs to be dark. Generally, ice-fishing shacks have no windows as the light scares the fish. 

You can drill or chop your fishing home from inside the ice house and lower a line into the water. Then, you relax in a dimly lit space and watch for fish.

Even better, you may choose to clean and eat your fish. Fresh ice-caught fish is delicious!


At the heart of it, a snowmobile is a tool you use to travel on small trails. Or, you can go snowmobiling across frozen lakes where a larger vehicle can’t go. That being said, snowmobiles are fun!

There are a few rules you must follow to snowmobile safely:

  1. Gear up. No exposed skin can show.
  2. Remember eye protection. Snow blindness is real, and it hurts.
  3. Never go out after dark on a trail you don’t know.
  4. Never run flat out on a course you don’t know.
  5. If you work with a guide, follow them and keep your speed down.

It is very possible to wreck a snowmobile. Worse, you may get injured while trying to start a damaged snowmobile. 

If you head out alone, let someone know where you’re going. Also, let them know when you plan to be back. Should something go wrong and you have to walk out, it’ll be easier for your rescuers to pick you up. 

Bike Riding

Biking in the snow is a blast with the right gear. You ride a regular bike on the sidewalks. In fact, in some cities, you must depend on sidewalks. Do your best to keep your speed down until you can add more muscle to your pedaling. Follow all traffic laws, just as you would in summer.

Whether you’re mountain biking on a trail or riding in the city, layering is essential. Start with a light layer of cotton to wick away sweat. Next, use lightweight fleece or soft wool to capture warmth close to the body. Heavier fleece may be necessary over this. Finally, you need a layer of something waterproof.

Stop to clean your bike pedals and tires frequently. Everything that sticks to your bike will eventually get spattered on your clothing. Finally, keep your chain lubed to reduce the risk of corrosion.


Cold weather doesn’t mean you can’t get out and exercise. If you have skates and live near a small pond, get out and do some gliding. If you can shower at the office, why not ski to work? 

To aid in your relaxation after a day of winter fun in Minnesota, soak in the tub or use some marijuana. (Or do both!) Both can ease your pain and rejuvenate you in time for the next outdoor activity. 

Winter sports can increase your fitness and lift your spirits, so enjoy them outdoors! 



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