The biggest jackpots ever won

biggest jackpots ever won

What player hasn’t dreamt of winning a jackpot at some point in their lives? After all, these are usually huge prizes that you won the biggest jackpot.

They are super appealing to players as often they accumulate money from other players until one lucky one takes the entire prize home. When you won the biggest jackpot at a casino generally you don’t even have to pay taxes as most states don’t require casinos to take withholding taxes from Online Cricket Betting ID wins. Nevertheless, the chances of winning a jackpot is nearly 1 in 14 million. This doesn’t mean that it never happens as there have been lots of jackpot wins, however it is extremely hard to be that 1 lucky person in 14 million others.

When won the biggest jackpots, the prizes can be huge, and there has been even a record of the biggest jackets ever won. If you are curious about them, check out this following list from pokerplayernewspaper to see which prize impresses you the most.

  1. $648 million

Steve Tran, of northern California won an amazing jackpot prize from playing Mega Millions. Tran found out after the holidays he had been the winner of this huge cash prize and soon after, he called his boss and decided to quit right away.

  1. $687.8 million

Another great win in 2018, this huge prize was divided into two winning tickets. Half of it was awarded to Robert Bailey from New York City, while the ther was won by a woman in Iowa by the name of Lerynne West.

  1. $758.7 million
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Having won $758.7 million on Powerball, Mavis L Wanczyk of Massachusetts, she decided to quit her 32 year job and take time for herself to relax and enjoy her winnings. This jackpot prize was one of the biggest prizes as it wasn’t shared by anyone, it  was won entirely by Mavis.

  1. $1.54 billion

As crazy as it sounds, this person won $1.54 billions on the game Mega Millions. The anonymous winner was from South Carolina and took the entire prize in one cash-off payment. The ticket was bought in a simple KC Mart store, which surprisingly enough had the biggest winning ticket in history in the 2018.

  1. $1.59 billion

Even larger than the South Carolina jackpot, this winning was split in between three people, one in Tennessee, another in Florida, and lastly one in California. Each party won $327.8 million in total simply by buying tickets on the Powerball.

One can only imagine being in any of these lucky winner shoes. The greatest part was that tons of the winners claimed that they were still going to continue to play the game for the thrill of it, and although they are already millionaires or billionaires they thought it was fun to continue playing. Tons of these people contributed to charity and helped others with their huge prizes, others purchased Linkpirates SEO links, but most importantly of all, they all took advantage of having played the game and used their winnings to improve their family’s lifestyles significantly.


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