Wonder Woman 1984: Every Information About The DC Sequel

Wonder Woman 1984: Every Information About The DC Sequel
Wonder Woman 1984: Every Information About The DC Sequel

In mid-2020, Gal Gadot returns to the big screen as Wonder Woman. With us, you get all important information about Wonder Woman 1984.information about the setting, the action and the villain Cheetah to the article.

After films like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad did not have the best status among fans and critics in the DC Extended Universe, Wonder Woman heralded the long-awaited U-turn for Warner Bros. The superhero blockbuster by Patty Jenkins is still the most popular film of the DCEU and made cinema viewers happy, which was also reflected in the remarkable box office result.

A sequel was therefore only a matter of time and was officially announced in July 2017. Below you will find all important information about Wonder Woman 1984. The article is regularly updated and updated with new information.

Wonder Woman 1984: Every Information About The DC Sequel

First, the movie release of Wonder Woman 2 was set on December 13, 2019. Subsequently, this was even on the 01.11.2019 brought forward before Warner Bros. finally start postponed to 2020 has. Wonder Woman starts in the USA on June 5th, 2020, in Germany on June 11th, 2020.

The plot of Wonder Woman 1984, as the title suggests, will be set in 1984. Not much is known about concrete history. But it is clear that Kristen Wiig can be seen in the role of the villain Cheetah. Chris Pine is also an actor, whose character Steve Trevor died in the finale of the first part.

The question is how this will return. Warning there follows unconfirmed information that can be regarded as a spoiler: According to recent unconfirmed information about the plot of Wonder Woman 1984, villain Maxwell Lord has the ability to make wishes come true. This would make it possible for this to bring Steve Trevor back from the dead.

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Barbara Minvera aka Cheetah is said to be a big fan of Wonder Woman. With Maxwell’s special abilities, she can be transformed into a superhero like her role model. Gradually, however, she should lose control of her new powers and thereby develop into the villain Cheetah. According to director Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman 1984 should be based on the films of the 80s with a lot of handmade action. The setting is also the perfect backdrop for the further development of Diana’s character.


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