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The raging COVID-19 pandemic has thrown our professional, personal, and social lives into total disarray. While the hustle and bustle of office meetings seem like a thing of the past, work from home has become the new norm. To ensure the safety of employees, most of the tech companies and start-ups have mandated WFH for as long as the viral threat looms large. But how will you ensure productivity at home even amidst the restrictions?

Well, an excellent way to start is by signing up for different certification courses such as PRINCE2 Certification, CBAP Certification, AWS Certification, or any other course available online. These courses will not only make your hours productive but will also gain you additional skills and knowledge, adding more feathers to your professional hat.

So, here are some trending certification courses that you can avail online.

1. PRINCE2 Certification

PRINCE2 or PRojects IN Controlled Environments 2 is a process-based methodology for successful project management. If you want to be a capable and accomplished project manager, a course in PRINCE2 will teach you just the right skills you need. You can choose from the foundational or the practitioner qualification levels; the former is an introduction to the principles and processes of PRINCE2, and the latter deals with the applications of those principles to specific projects.

PRINCE2 is scalable and can be tailored to the requirements of individual projects; adopting a PRINCE2 framework benefits a company with its consistent approach, organized and controlled methodology, regular progress reviews and assurance of the business justification of the project. A lot of companies list PRINCE2 Certification as a necessary qualification while hiring project managers.

2. CBAP Certification

Do you want to become a business analyst but don’t know how to get certified? Well, think no more because the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®) now offers fully online business analysis certifications that are recognized globally. The Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) Certification Program has three levels that span from entry-level knowledge CBAP to more advanced topics, including specializations such as cybersecurity analysis. There are four steps to getting certified:

  1. Choose the certification course that interests you.
  2. Make yourself thorough with the examination blueprints and sample questions on the IIBA page.
  3. Start preparing for your exam. There are ample resources and guides available; review their standards and choose the one that aligns with your certification of choice.
  4. Once you have acquired the knowledge and skills required for your preferred certification, register yourself and take the exam, and voila, you have earned your certification in business analysis!

3. AWS Certification

At the pace with which the world is getting digitally transformed, that day is not far when professionals with cloud computing skills will be required in every industry. So, why not begin your cloud journey with the leading public cloud service provider?

Amazon Web Services or AWS Certification not only demonstrates and validates an individual’s expertise in cloud technology but also helps recruiters hire the best professionals for their company who can lead cloud innovations using the AWS platform.

AWS offers role-based certifications such as cloud architect, cloud practitioner, operator, developer, and more, including specialized certifications in particular technical areas. The foundational AWS Certification teaches the basics of AWS and industry-related knowledge, and at the associate level, candidates are exposed to problem-solving and executing solutions using AWS cloud. At the professional level, one gets a comprehensive training on operation, designing, and troubleshooting using the cloud platform of AWS. The specialized domain of AWS Certification covers technical issues such as advanced networking, security, machine learning, data analytics, database, and Alexa skill-building.

4. COBIT Certification

Developed by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA®), COBIT is a framework to help businesses in the development, organization, and implementation of strategies related to the governance and management of information. ISACA®’s COBIT® 2019 Certification courses include:

  1. COBIT Bridge Workshop: It is a day-long course that covers the key definitions, models, and concepts in COBIT 2019 (the updated version) and emphasizes on the differences between COBIT 5 and COBIT 2019.
  2. COBIT 2019 Foundation Online Course: It prepares the candidates for the COBIT 2019 Foundation Certificate Examination. It covers various concepts like the benefits, components, and the primary reasons why COBIT is regarded as a standard framework for IT governance.
  3. COBIT Enterprise Training: ISACA offers customized virtual courses to train IT/IS professionals in various fields of Information Systems and Technology.
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So, if you are motivated to update yourself with the latest IT Management Framework, COBIT Certification is your way to go!

5. CSPO Certification

For those aware of the Agile and Scrum Frameworks, you must know that a Scrum team has a Product Owner who is the chief stakeholder of the project and who is responsible for building the vision of an Agile software development project. A Certified Scrum Product Owner or CSPO® Certification is the ideal pursuit for those aspiring to be the Product Owner of Scrum teams.

CSPO Certification courses are now available online. The classes, while being fun and enriching, are comprehensive and rigorous with a minimum of 14 hours of face-to-face interaction with the best certified Scrum trainers from around the globe. On successful completion of the course, you have to accept the CSPO License Agreement and complete your membership profile with Scrum Alliance. The CSPO certification will demonstrate your Scrum knowledge and prepare you for the role of a Product Owner so that you can augment your career opportunities among Agile practitioners in the industry.


The COVID-19 crisis may have changed the way we work, but it by no means can bog down our efforts to upgrade our skills. Working from home might not be the ideal professional life you had dreamt of, but you can make the best of these trying times by giving the various online courses a shot. The list of certification courses we have discussed in this article is by no means exhaustive, and you can explore more such trails that are only a click away. So, go ahead and make the most of this opportunity!


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