Working From Home: How To Create A More Comfortable Set Up

Working From Home

Working from home is a great way to save time on commuting and get more work done. It also offers the freedom of working in your own space and managing your day as you see fit. But what if your home is not set up for work? To create an ideal environment for working from home, it’s essential to eliminate any distractions, which includes making sure your desk is well lit and that you have a comfortable chair. This article will give you some tips on how to create a comfortable, productive workspace in your home so that you can get more done.

Clear Your Desk

The first step to creating a more comfortable set-up is clearing your desk. You should clean up all the bits of paper and pens littering your desk to create a more focused environment. Make sure you have somewhere to put your paperwork when you’re done and place a pen caddy where you can keep track of your pens. Additionally, you should tidy up the cables from your equipment, as your feet can get caught in the wires hanging down under the desk, which could lead to accidentally unplugging your machine and losing your day’s work. 

Let The Light In

A dark space will feel cramped and depressing, so make sure you let the light in when you set up your work area. Open the curtains for plenty of natural light, which will help improve your mood. However, if your room is still on the darker side due to a small window or any other reason, you should consider improving the artificial light in order to make the area feel bright and spacious.

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Upgrade Your Space

If you’ve been working off an old table you repurposed as an office desk or your desk has started to wobble, it’s about time you upgraded your space. Make sure you have the ideal desk for how you work, from curved to standing; there’s a desk to help you increase your productivity without giving up your comfort. You could opt for an L-shaped desk which will allow you to separate your working areas efficiently; create one area for your computer work, and easily swivel your chair to the side to go straight to your paperwork, with enough room to work comfortably. 

Get Comfortable

As well as upgrading your desk, you should consider throwing out that old chair and opting for one that uses ergonomics to improve how you sit and reduce back pain. If you’re often finding that you’re stiff at the end of a workday, you’re probably using the wrong chair, and upgrading this vital piece of your home set-up is crucial for the health of your back. If you’re interested in learning more, head over to Branch Furniture, where you can get expert advice, explore their amazing range, and gain more information on ergonomics. More knowledge gives you the tools you need to create a more comfortable set-up.

Keep The Clutter Out

A cluttered desk is often said to represent a cluttered mind, as this can lead to your productivity going down and forgetting crucial deadlines. Keep the clutter out of your workspace by investing in storage solutions that will help you to stay organized. By incorporating help for storage like shelving, drawers, and filing cabinets, you’ll be able to focus solely on the task at hand rather than facing distractions or being unable to find what you’re looking for due to the mess on your desk. Once you have your workspace cleared of clutter, you’ll find your office has a more relaxed atmosphere and that you not only improve your productivity but your mood due as you will no longer feel cramped or overwhelmed by your messy workspace.

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Liven Up Your Office

Once you have the basics in order, you should consider adding some life to your home office by bringing the outside in. Adding plants, such as miniature trees, shrubbery, succulents, and flowers, will add color to your workspace and boost your overall mood. Additionally, after the events of 2020, having as much access to the outside by creating an indoor garden in your office is essential for many people, as it helps to reduce the stress of working away from other people.

Add A Personal Touch

Don’t stop at plants; your home office should have a personal touch to it to make the space yours and improve the design of the room. If you opted for shelves as a storage solution, why not add small ornaments at the end of each shelf so that there is more than books or paperwork to look at, especially if the shelves are above your desk. Furthermore, why not create a break-away corner? You could transform a corner of your office from a professional look and have it full of everything you love, whether it’s colorful or full of cushions, make it your own. 


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