WWE’s Carmella Opens Up About Being Called A “Homewrecker” :Here’s what happened


Carmella and Corey Graves has given a huge shock to a number of followers when their relationship was let know in the public. This also got here with some people who do not know the state of affairs and call Carmella a homewrecker.

Graves’ spouse put out the whole soiled laundry on Instagram and that’s all people knew for quite some time.

It wasn’t till a few days later when it was rumored that Graves and his spouse had been already split apart and he was staying outside of her home for months earlier than a commitment with Mella began.

WWE's Carmella Opens Up About Being Called A "Homewrecker" :Here's what happened
WWE’s Carmella Opens Up About Being Called A “Homewrecker” : Here’s what happened

In the entirety of Complete Divas tonight on E! Community at 10:00 PM, they will be trying to fix the Corey Graves and Carmella drama head-on.

In a very emotional conversation through the current times, Carmella cries whereas speaking about how people had been taking a look at her with a certain amusement at work whereas Corey Graves got no such therapy.

It became a lot worse when discussing the hate she received from the followers, which was so undeserved.

“I’m very very uncomfortable. I kind of think like everyone is looking at me. I feel like everyone is quick to judge me. It’s just insane that they’re coming after me, but for him it’s like, ‘Oh cool, Corey Graves got with Carmella, happy for him.’”

“It’s like the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to endure with I don’t even know how to deal with it because I’ve never seen through something like this.

All I know is like I really love him and like he loves me and we’re happy.

I didn’t do anything criminal. I know in my heart I didn’t split up a family. I am no kind of person to do that. I just don’t like that now the whole world thinks I did this terrible thing.”


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