X-Men: Dark Phoenix Honest Trailer out now- All details inside

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Honest Trailer out now- All details inside
X-Men: Dark Phoenix Honest Trailer out now- All details inside

The X-Men: Dark Phoenix’s honest Trailer has hit the public. The film that released back in June, Dark Phoenix topped off Fox’s almost twenty-year-long runs on the X-Men movies previous to Disney’s obtainment of the studio’s assets.

Sadly, it was far from a stunning swan-song to a comic book superhero assignment that has stooped from major highs (Logan) to unflattering lows (X-Men Origins: Wolverine), and quite a number of rock-solid endeavors in between.

Instead, Dark Phoenix obtained generally unfavorable reviews on its way to coming to be the lowest-grossing X-Men film ever, to be honest even somewhat unadjusted for inflation.

Several facets have been accused of Dark Phoenix’s afflictions in the months since it opened, from the Fox-Disney deal to release date changes, reshoots, and Fox compressing what was initially a two-movie arc and morphed it into single film while pre-production.

Whatever might be the reason, it ensued in an X-Men movie that mostly failed to do arbiter by the Dark Phoenix comic book saga formerly adapted to likewise disappointing outcomes in X-Men: The Last Stand. Hilarious enough, though, many people probably missed one of the film’s lightest, yet most flashing flaws.

Clearly, Screen Junkies has broadcasted an Honest trailer for Dark Phoenix that not only nudges fun at the film’s many drawbacks but also calls perception to a plot hole that seems pretty apparent once someone points it out for you.

Unfortunately, due to the Disney-Fox deal, Dark Phoenix was almost a lame-duck Marvel tentpole far before it reached theatres, and that opinion seemed to eventually embody itself in the movie’s general sloppiness (the blatant plot hole included).

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However, as the “Dark Phoenix Honest Trailer” pins out, it might be adequate to simply delude ourselves that Fox’s X-Men films ended with Logan – as a lot of people already have, at least if Dark Phoenix’s box office turnout is anything to go by – and well… leave it at that.

Even the long-delayed New Mutants spinoff is reportedly dropping all its X-Men references, ( we aren’t much shocked though) in the wishes to disassociating itself with the brand and finally glimpsing at the light of day.


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