“Xbox” All Access to be returned soon: Here everything to know

"Xbox" All Access to be returned soon: Here everything to know

X BOX is a brand that is run by Microsoft which produces console for gaming purposes; launched first in the US in 2001has produced different types of consoles from the initiation of this brand.

The original Xbox, X BOX LIVE, X Box 360 is an older version of them. X BOX ONE was the controversial gaming consoles that had privacy issues so in 2016 the Microsoft launched XBOXONE S which was an updated version of X BOX ONE where it was comparatively slimmer than the older version.

It is this version and X BOX ONE X where “X BOX ALL ACCESS” started and initiated that was a limited subscription plan started initially in US and then in the other countries with no upfront cost where the scheme came into disaffect from 31 December 2018.

"Xbox" All Access to be returned soon: Here everything to know
“Xbox” All Access to be returned soon: Here everything to know

X BOX ALL ACCESS was accessed by having a dell preferred account by visiting the nearby Microsoft store The scheme has a condition that even if the console is being returned by the user but the buyer has to pay for access for 24 months.

The monthly cost for this scheme was 34.99$. Moreover, if the console got some technical issue the buyer is responsible for it but it also brought out one advantage as well. This scheme actually allowed gamers for having a console by paying a monthly fee for 24 months; i.e. pay monthly charges continuously for 2 years and the end of it the console is yours!

Moreover, the outstanding costs had a very low interest of $2.there was a choice of selection of bundle of your choice. After the scheme got shut down, Microsoft promised to bring it back to the market.

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A recent tweet on twitter reveals that X BOX ALL ACCESS is going to make its wild entry in the market before the end of this year itself;2019.

Another document is being shared on twitter which seems to be an application for the European trademark for X BOX ALL ACCESS. It can be said that contrary to the previous year this amazing initiative may increase its reach in Europe if it welcomes itself in the market.

It is also supposed its poor price action ratio could be improved this time. X BOX ALL ACCESS can also include PROJECT X cloud for the new members maybe it will be containing X BOX LIVE GOLD instead of having a normal game pass.

It is also hoped that it will come with a new price which will be lower than the previous expected to be approximately 21$ per month with the facility of more than 100 games. It is being said by Microsoft that its promotion will soon be started in the new form in 2019 itself.

Although X box ALL ACCESS is currently unavailable the patience of the customers and gamers could get an enthralling answer by Microsoft.


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