Xbox Scarlett 2020: Release update and More information following shock PS5 price news


There’s something that will get people excited about Xbox Scarlett before its highly anticipated 2020 launch.

It has been revealed that Xbox is doing just everything it can to have the best chance of beating the PS5.

It’s well known that both neither of PS4 or Xbox One gave much in the way of extra power over the other which somehow the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro did.

And while the tech giant has rejected the idea of releasing two consoles as part of Project Scarlett, it would be wrong to assume their tech will be behind that of the PS5’s.

The latest reveal is that the Xbox Scarlett boasts dedicated ray-tracing cores as part of its initial specs.


Speaking to Gamespot, Gears 5 technical art director Colin Penty claimed that next-gen hardware would be accompanied with a few great new console tech to play with.

“We have nothing new to announce right now in terms of Gears with the new hardware–but I’m definitely really hyped about what the new hardware could do,” Penty told Gamespot.

“Having extremely sensitive ray-tracing hardware is huge.”

And there’s little evidence to suggest at this point t that Sony will not bring the same kind of specs with the PS5.

But it’s refreshing news to hear that both consoles will be seeking to retain parity when it comes to pushing console gaming even more ahead.

It was also announced recently during a Bungie Livestream for Destiny 2 that the first Xbox Scarlett games are being fast-tracked and the games will be completed soon.

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It is still unknown as in how powerful the Xbox Scarlett will be or how its games will look.

And it comes after reports that Sony could be setting its eyes on more than just one new console.

This would see secondary accessories launching along with the PS5, which is expected to arrive in the markets in 2020.


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