Yakuza’s PS4 Demo Released; Features, Minigames, and More Unveiled


Today Sega released a demo of Ryu ga Gotoku 7: Whereabouts of sunshine and Darkness, also-known-as Yakuza: sort of a Dragon within the west. The demo is available PlayStation Store. It weighs a large 12.18 gigabytes.

Of course, it’s solely in Japanese for currently and you wish a Japanese PSN account to transfer and install it, however when you’re through with that, you’ll play it on accounts of any region, as usual.

The demo includes the new turn-based JRPG-style battle mechanics, a small amount of the story, and a few of the play spots and minigames within the new Yokohama-based location Isezaki Ichinjo.

Yakuza's  PS4 Demo Released; Features, Minigames, and More Unveiled
Yakuza’s PS4 Demo Released; Features, Minigames, and More Unveiled

It’s value mentioning, just in case you’re going to obtain the sport in Japanese, that your save game from the demo won’t transfer to the full release.

If you’re on the fence regarding the new JRPG gameplay mechanics, this is often your probability to do them out and see if you enjoy them. Having vie an identical demo at Japanese capital broadcast, I encourage you to approach this one with an associate open mind.

If you’d prefer to see a lot of regarding the sport, you’ll check up on the newest trailer that exposed picture hero Kazuma Kiryu, a batch of screenshots introducing the boys of the Seiryukai, and a lot of showing the Omi Union crew.

Another feature could be a news tab currently on the game’s main menu, showing info regarding new updates, releases, and free content.

We even have lots of gameplay from some days ago and therefore the previous screenshot reveals, which, combined another, shows, however. the Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio seems to be taking a page from Persona’s book. Yakuza: sort of a Dragon can launch in Japan on 16 November 2020, completely for PS4.

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It’ll additionally come back west later next year. It’s value mentioning that given Sega’s journal, we will in all probability expect the demo to come back in English next year in addition.


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