You Season 3 Release Date, Expected Plot, Netflix announcement teaser, and more!

You season 3 is coming soon on Netflix
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When it comes to obsession and psychopathic insecurities, no web series delivers a better idea than “You.” To begin with, ‘You’ is an American thriller that visualizes the best-selling novel titled Hidden Bodies, initially written by Caroline Kepnes. After two successful seasons, Season 3 is on the line for release on Netflix

Although many viewers of the show ask whether or not there will be a third season of You? Well! According to our research, there should be a You season 3 as the creators have left a few hints at season 2. 

You season 1 record breaking Netflix series based on Hidden bodies
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To begin with, Joe (the protagonist) quotes, “I will make you fall for me!” while looking at a strange girl. Hence, the audience will be introduced to the new girl in season 3. Above all, Joe will once again stalk his next victim. (RECAP!)
We are moving on! Let’s find out everything you need to know about the forthcoming season of You.

What is You season 3 release date?

You tv series had first appeared on Lifetime channel and Netflix in September 2018. It’s the second season aired in December 2019. Now, the viewers were expecting the release of You season 3 in 2020. However, due to the CoronaVirus epidemic impacting the world at large, You’s Season 3 will not appear in 2020.
Netflix, although it has confirmed the forthcoming of the next season. Apart from this, You season 3 announcement teaser is also not out yet.

For the readers who haven’t watched season 2 yet, here’s a glimpse of it for your entertainment.

What is the “You” plot?

As mentioned before, You is based on Caroline’s Hidden Bodies which makes more sense. This Netflix original series has attracted an audience via the brilliant performance of Penn Badgley playing Joe Goldberg. 

According to the storyline, Joe is a bookstore manager living a simple life in New York. although, from the very second scene of You’s episode 1, it became clear how far he goes on stalking Guinevere Beck who is a struggling writer. Not only this but Joe’s killing spree also begins in the first episode by attacking Beck’s boyfriend Benji. 

Joe and Love Quinn in You tv series
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Joe’s obsession with Beck grows until he makes Beck fall in love with him. Without giving any more spoilers, let’s just say, Beck’s story did not end well with the finale of season 1. 

The second season of You takes the audience to view the life of Joe in Los Angeles. He moves from New York to forget or leave his past with Beck behind. However, not long after, he finds his second victim named Love Quinn starring Victoria Pedretti.

From following the same stalking patterns to obsessing over Quinn, Joe’s intention remained to make love lasting with Quinn. But, that does not happen either honestly. To see what happens, watch or download You season 2 for free at Movie4k.

You season 2 finale explained!

In the history of psychological thrillers on Netflix, You’s season 2 finale was the most mind-blowing episode ever. When it comes to “You TV series” even a psychopath can fall in love with another psychopath without knowing it. 

That’s what had happened in the second season of You. Apparently, Joe’s current romantic partner Love Quinn finally confesses to him about those she had murdered and why! TALK ABOUT SOULMATES!

According to the character building, Joe is already very traumatized in his own ways. Therefore, he wasn’t very happy indeed about knowing the truth of Love Quinn. Anyway, the couple married in the finale episode of You season 2. But, here comes a twist. 

Joe locates a woman during the wedding. And while looking at her, he quotes “I will make you fall for me.”

What is You season 3 expected plot?

Without a doubt, You’s season 3 is going to be much more twisted and intense. To begin with, the audience has already seen Love Quinn’s double obsession with Joe. how would Quinn react when she finds out that Joe is suddenly behind another girl. 

You all seasons on Netflix watch now
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In conclusion, You season 3 will open up several old wounds of mental torture in Joe and Quinn. Will Quinn understand Joe’s obsession? Or, will she kill Joe too? Stay tuned with us to know more.


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