Top 5 Online Marketing Strategies for E-Commerce Businesses

Your Brand: Top 5 Online Marketing Strategies for E-Commerce

Every new entrepreneur knows the struggle of finding viable marketing tactics that do not cost a small fortune. Most startups have major budget constraints, yet compete with major brands that have entire teams of people working on multiple campaigns. This would have been a wildly unfair scenario if the internet did not exist. Online marketing has become a new equalizer because it allows for the easy dissemination of information of Your Brand. 

A little creativity on your side will help you get the customer’s attention and boost sales. All you need to do is invest in a stable internet service that does not let you down in difficult times. So, if you are an online business looking for a powerful internet connection, then check out Spectrum Internet plans as they come with incredible internet speeds, 24/7 customer support, and on top of that, unlimited data allowance. With that said, let us discuss the five best marketing strategies for your e-commerce brand.

Ask Local Celebrities to Endorse Your Brand

Many brands often dream of getting their products endorsed by a world-famous celebrity. This can be a bit tough to do, especially if you are a smaller company or just starting. A great alternative to getting a global superstar to endorse you is to seek out a local celebrity.

So, who are local celebrities? It can be anyone your local newspaper is writing about. Someone who is doing something worthwhile for example a beloved teacher or responsible citizen working to bring about change. Since these people live locally, they will be easy to locate or you can get in touch with them via email. Simply let them know that you want to send them a gift (your product) as a token of appreciation. Tell them that the only catch is they will have to use the product and give you their honest feedback. You can quote these responses on your blog/website or use them for other marketing content. 

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Create Entertaining and Informative Videos

Global YouTube audience numbers have hit 1.47 billion and this number is expected to rise to 1.86 billion by 2021. This makes it one of the most powerful marketing platforms. To get started, simply create relevant good-quality videos that highlight your products and upload them to the site. Here are a few things you should include:

  • Add a keyword in the headline to help users discover your video
  • A concise and focused message (resist the temptation to say too much in one video)
  • A clear CTA (Call to Action) that lets your users know what you want them to do next

As far as equipment is concerned, you do not need to spend a fortune on cameras, lighting, and professional editing software. Even a regular smartphone camera can work wonders and deliver great results. Use a program such as iMovie to edit your videos or download any of the freely available software. If you want a more polished look to your videos, hire a professional editor on freelance sites such as

Create a LinkedIn Page of Your Business

Creating a page on LinkedIn is free and you can use it as a tool to grow your professional network. Share useful and relevant information to build up the group’s reputation as a valuable source of updates. You can use the group to drive traffic to your website, but avoid treating it as a platform for direct selling or overt promotion. Focus on providing resources to group members, start discussions with people, share industry updates, and make a sincere effort to facilitate network building.

Depending on your niche, you can also try creating groups on other social media platforms. Just make sure to keep these active. Try to customize your updates according to the group’s audience to maximize user engagement. 

Write and Self-Publish E-Books for Your Brand

Entrepreneurs with limited marketing budgets can use e-books to their advantage to build their brand. With the advent of self-publishing websites such as Amazon, you do not need thousands of dollars or the backing of a large publishing firm to distribute books. Write an e-book that describes the biggest problems your industry is facing and some potential solutions. You can upload it free on Amazon and receive 33% of total sales. However, remember the goal here is not to make a profit on book sales; this is purely a lead generation tool that will get you more exposure and drive traffic to your website.

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Try to entice the users to opt into a monthly email newsletter or purchase your products. You can also offer a discount on submitting proof of purchase of your book. If you cannot write an entire e-book yourself, try to use online freelance portals such as Upwork or People Per Hour. 

Get Published on Popular Niche Blogs

It is quite difficult to get your work featured on a popular blog or a magazine. However, another more economical alternative exists that will generate more relevant leads. Approach a few popular niche blogs and get in touch with the creators. Propose a clear idea of how you would like to bring value to the blog’s target audience. Here are a few tactics that will get you a favorable response:

Create goodwill by offering the blog owner a free sample of your product or service that they can give away to their audience. This method will give you a more objective idea of what people think about your product.

Pitch ideas for blog posts that you can write and make sure you highlight how these will help readers.

Ask the blog editor/manager if you can conduct a short interview and publish a short business profile on your own blog. This will entice them to promote your content because you are highlighting their business.

Final Words

Launching a new business is tough and budget constraints are a major issue. Keeping your marketing costs under control will help you remain focused on creating quality products. As your business grows and revenue improves, you can move on to paid marketing. In the meanwhile, use these quick tricks to stay at the top of the startup game.


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