What are Rodents? Are Rabbits Rodents?

What are Rodents? Are Rabbits Rodents?
What are Rodents? Are Rabbits Rodents?

What are Rodents? Are Rabbits Rodents? Find out why rabbits are not classified as rodents and what makes them different from other rodents. Take a closer look at the characteristics of rodents, including their gnawing incisors and their capacity to adapt. 

Become familiar with the unique characteristics of rabbits, such as their dental structure and digestive system. Learn how rabbits and rodents differ in terms of their dental structure, digestive system, and reproductive habits.  

What are Rodents?

Rodents belong to the order Rodentia and are a diverse group of mammals. There is a characteristic pair of continuously growing incisors on the upper and lower jaws of these animals. In terms of the number of species, rodents are the largest group of mammals, with over 2,000 species found around the globe.

Characteristics of Rodents

The following characteristics are common to all rodents:

  • Gnawing incisors: The incisors of rats are sharp and continuously growing, allowing them to chew through various materials with ease.
  • Herbivorous or omnivorous diet: Even though some rodents are herbivores, others have adapted to eat omnivorous foods.
  • Adaptability: There has been an evolution of rodents to adapt to various environments, ranging from forests to grasslands to urban settings.
  • Reproductive capabilities: Because rats reproduce rapidly, they can adapt quickly to changes in their environment.

Common Rodent Species

Several types of rodents can be found in the wild, including mice, rats, squirrels, beavers, and guinea pigs. The sizes, habitats, and lifestyles of these species differ, but they all exhibit the same general characteristics as rodents.

Are Rabbits Rodents?

The rabbit is not considered a rodent, as is commonly believed. Among their relatives are hares and pikas, which are also members of the order Lagomorpha. Rabbits have several characteristics that set them apart from rodents, even though they share some similarities.

Rabbit Characteristics

Small mammals are known for their long ears, powerful hind legs, and ability to hop, rabbits are a type of small mammal. The unique digestive system and specialized teeth of these animals make them distinct from rodents.

Key Differences Between Rabbits and Rodents

We will explore some key differences in their anatomy, behavior, and physiology to better understand the differences between rabbits and rodents.

Dental Structure

The rabbit has an additional set of incisors (peg teeth) behind its front teeth, which is not present in rodents. As a result of their herbivorous diet, rabbits have developed a dental structure that is adapted to chew and grind tough plant materials more efficiently.

Digestive System

Their digestive systems are also notable differences. The hindgut fermentation process that rabbits use to extract nutrients from fibrous plant material is a unique feature. A rodent’s digestive system, however, is much simpler and is not specialized for the processing of large quantities of fiber.

Reproduction and Behavior

There are also significant differences between rabbits and rodents regarding their reproductive capabilities and behavior. Rabbits are characterized by rapid reproduction, short gestation periods, and large litter sizes. Social animals that live in groups or colonies, they are also social animals. The reproduction patterns of some rodent species may be similar, however, others may exhibit different reproductive strategies and may be more solitary.

Misconceptions about Rabbits

Certain misconceptions about rabbits and rodents often confuse. Due to their small size and proximity to urban areas, rabbits are commonly misunderstood to be similar to rats or mice. It is important to note, however, that rabbits have distinct characteristics and are classified separately.

It has also been suggested that rabbits and rodents are related because they share the same adaptation of continuously growing incisors. Although this dental characteristic is common among rabbits and rodents, it is not unique to these two groups and can also be found among other animal species.


1. Are rabbits classified as rodents?

There is no such thing as a rodent when it comes to rabbits. Among their relatives are hares and pikas, which are also members of the order Lagomorpha.

2. Do rabbits have similar characteristics to rodents?

There are some similarities between rabbits and rodents, such as continuously growing incisors, however, they differ in their dental structures, digestive systems, and behaviors.


The rabbit belongs to the order Lagomorpha, not the order Rodentia. Their dental structure, digestive system, and distinctive characteristics make them different from rodents, even though they share many similarities with rodents, such as continuously growing incisors. A deeper appreciation of the diversity of the animal kingdom cannot be achieved without an understanding of the differences between rabbits and rodents.



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