Can you smoke Mushrooms- Complete Guide

Can you smoke mushrooms

We know mushrooms by different names. These are widely popular as magic mushrooms, shrooms, etc. Mushroom or shroom is a fungus. It belongs to the Macrofungi group. It grows similarly to fruit, and it also has a cap. There are various ways of consuming these mushrooms. However, health enthusiasts often want to know if they can smoke these mushrooms or not. If you are also curious to see can you smoke mushrooms, read this complete post for some interesting facts.

Decoding Myths about Smoking Mushrooms

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Smoking mushrooms is possible, and people in different countries, like the US, smoke the mushrooms. But the fact is that they pose several health risks. Therefore, smoking mushrooms is not a great idea. If we smoke mushrooms and eat them, we can have several health problems. Some of these health issues are as follows.

1) High Blood Pressure

If we smoke mushrooms or shrooms, we can go through several critical health issues. For example, if you regularly eat smoked mushrooms, your heart health may be put at risk. You may go through critical health issues such as high blood pressure and rapid heart health. Therefore, it is not a great practice to smoke these magic mushrooms.

2) Upset Stomach

Another issue that can make us feel upset after consuming smoked mushrooms is that we face upset stomach issues. This happens if we regularly eat smoked mushrooms. We may face issues such as diarrhea, constipation, or other several issues. Sometimes, we also face conditions like nausea and vomiting. Therefore, it is not a great practice to consume smoked mushrooms.

3) Mental Health Disorders

To the surprise of our readers, smoking these mushrooms can not only hamper your physical health conditions, but also it can impact your mental health as well. We go through critical health conditions such as paranoia, panic attacks, anxiety, and other troubling conditions. Therefore, if you want to avoid such critical mental health conditions, you should avoid smoking mushrooms.

4) Immunity System Issues

Another health issue that can confront us whenever we smoke shrooms is weakness in our immunity system. Smoking mushrooms and eating them can cause immunity system weakness and respiratory issues as well. Respiratory infections become more common in the case of eating smoked mushrooms. Therefore, it is the best choice for us to avoid smoking the mushrooms.

5) Damage to tissues and Blood Vessels

Research studies have shown that consuming smoked mushrooms in general is associated with multiple risks. Therefore, sometimes, we feel that it can damage our tissues and blood vessels. Hence, we should prefer other consumption methods related to shrooms.

6) Mold Pores and Contaminants

Smoking mushrooms can also contain several other risks as well. For example, it can help you inhale mold pores and contaminants present in these edibles. Therefore, if you want an optimal health experience, it is great to avoid smoking these mushrooms. It is advisable to research other factors related to eating mushrooms because it will help you keep yourself safe from inhaling mold spores and other contaminants.

Important Safety Tips that Can Help Us

Can You Smoke Mushrooms
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If you are still searching for the query, “ Can you smoke mushrooms, the answer is yes you can easily smoke them. But as we know consuming them comes with many health risks, the best idea is not to consume them by smoking. Some other mushroom consumption ideas are helpful for us in this case. You can prefer raw consumption of these edible mushrooms, or mix it in drinks or foods. Micro dosing is another important method of consumption of these mushrooms. Apart from this, we should also take some safety tips regarding the consumption of shrooms. Some of these tips are as follows.

1) Go for different Consumption Method

As smoking magic mushrooms pose a variety of risks, we should choose different consumption methods. So, as per your preference, conduct some research and find out the best way of consuming these mushrooms. For example, out of the various methods, opting for micro-dosing is the best method. You can also consume these shrooms orally.

2) Stay Hydrated

Many people are not aware that the consumption of smoked shrooms can increase their body temperature and dry out their mouths. Therefore, the best solution in this case is to stay hydrated all the time. Drink plenty of water as it will make you feel great and solve these health issues arising out of smoked mushrooms. So, before asking yourself if can you smoke mushrooms, pay heed to the health risks associated with this practice.

3) Mind your Dose

If you are taking smoked mushrooms with drinks, you should always mind your dose. We recommend you lower your dose of mushrooms in this case. Because a low dose of mushrooms will help you to overcome these side effects as quickly as possible.

4) Timing is everything

The magic mushroom trips can last for at least 6 to 8 hours. The effect of these bad trips begins after half an hour of consumption of these trips. It helps you to minimize the effects of these trips. So, one thing you should remember is that timing is everything regarding the consumption of mushrooms.


All in all, the answer to this question is can you smoke mushrooms yes you can consume them, but they have multiple side effects. Mushrooms or shrooms contain Psilocybin. This is a drug that is classified as a hallucinogen. Its presence has so many side effects on our bodies and makes us feel problematic. Therefore, whenever we consume these shrooms, we should stay cautious and if we feel any medical emergency, we should consult with our doctor. Also, keep in mind to avoid the overconsumption of these shrooms.



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