Death Note Season 2 Stream on Netflix: Release Date, Plot, Spoilers, and more!

Death Note season 2
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First premiered in 2015 on NTV Network in Japan, the Death Note Tv series is now available to stream with English subtitles on Netflix. After the release of Death Note season 1, it grasped anime-fanatics’ attention swiftly with its high-end and unique storyline. The series also received over 95% audience approval on Google ratings. Now, the audience binge-watched this TV series are now waiting for Death Note season 2. Is it coming anytime soon?

Death Note all seasons available to watch on Netflix
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Before we go ahead, it is noteworthy to mention that Death Note is originally a Japanese manga series written by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. Not only this, but before the premiere of Death Note on Netflix in Ultra Hd, there have been various novels, games, films, and miniseries released in the past.

Initially, the Death Note Tv series on the NtV network climaxed within 11 long episodes. On the other hand, Netflix’s recently picked up Death Note containing 37 episodes of 22 minutes each. It has become prevalent among anime lovers. So, let’s find out when is Death Note Season 2 coming out on Netflix without any further ado?

What is Death Note Season 2 release date?

First of all, congratulations to the Death Note lovers because recently collaborated by Netflix, screenwriter Greg Russo has confirmed that Death Note season 2 is in the making.

Death Note Japanese manga NTV all episodes
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However, amid the CoronaVirus pandemic, Netflix has most likely put the second season on hold. Thus, Death Note season 2 is not coming out soon. Therefore, there are chances that Netflix may drop the series for its season 2 as within 37 episodes, it has reached a perfect ending. 

Who are all in the voice-cast of death note on Netflix?

  • Mamoru Miyano appears as Light Yagami
  • Nakamura Shido II also appears as Ryuk
  • Furthermore, Aya Hirano appears as Misa Amane
  • At last, Kappie Yamaguchi is appearing as L, the detective


List of Death Note season 1 Episodes

  1. Rebirth
  2. Confrontation 
  3. Dealings 
  4. Pursuit
  5. Tactics
  6. Unraveling 
  7. Overcast
  8. Glare
  9. Encounter
  10. Doubt
  11. Assault
  12. Love
  13. Confession 
  14. Friend
  15. Wager
  16. Decision
  17. Execution 
  18. Ally
  19. Matsuda
  20. Makeshift
  21. Performance
  22. Guidance 
  23. Frenzy
  24. Revival
  25. Silence
  26. Renewal
  27. Abduction
  28. Impatience 
  29. Father
  30. Justice
  31. Transfer
  32. Selection
  33. Scorn
  34. Vigilance 
  35. Malice
  36. 1.28
  37. New world

What is the “Death Note” Plot?

Death Note in the Japanese manga series refers to a supernatural notebook that kills people if their name is written inside. Light Yagami starring Mamoru Miyano, is an intellectual teenage boy who suffers from emotional drive and loneliness.

One day, he finds Death Note, which possesses him to kill people who he thinks do not deserve to live. Using the god-like abilities holding a notebook, Light Yagami unknowingly turns into a third-party killer. Further, he finds himself followed and investigated by L Lawliet, starring Kappie Yamaguchi, a detective.

Death Note season 2
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Death Note season 1 ending explained!

In the last episode of Death Note season 1, the audience comes across Mikami’s desperation to avoid investigators. For the reader’s information, Teru Mikami is on the verge of being criminally prosecuted as the Hands of Kira by Light Yagami, who found the Death Note in the first place. 

To protect himself, Mikami had no choice but to write all the investigators’ names in the Death Note. However, after registering, each investigator is still alive. Thus, leaving the audience curious. It is one of the reasons why Death Note season 2 will come soon. 

What may happen in Death Note season 2?

To begin with, 2015 Death Note TV series at NTV network ended with the real notebook burned as Mikami sets the warehouse on Fire. he no longer wanted to be recognized as Kira. Misa as a result forgets her motive of killing the task force. In order to protect themselves, Ryuk and Rem slide into another world. Light Yagami dies in the burning warehouse. Even on the verge of dying, he was trying to reclaim the notebook. 


In conclusion, brilliantly directed and written Death Note’s second installment is yet to bring a lot of criminal fantasy on Netflix. Thus, to stream season 1, visit You can also download Death Note season 1 by NTV on movie4k

For more information, stay tuned with us online. Bookmark this reading for trailer updates. Before we go, in the meantime, let’s check out Death Note season 1 first look on Netflix:

PS: It is a non-anime look. 


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