How to Get Parrot Off Shoulder Minecraft- Complete Process

How to get parrot off shoulder Minecraft

Minecraft is a Sandbox video game that has different entities and creatures. This game opens up before its enthusiasts different possibilities that keep their interest high in the play. In Minecraft, game enthusiasts can also find some animals, creatures, or feather animals that they can tame in their time of need. When we deep dive into the game, we will find that parrots are our colorful companions, perching on our shoulders now and then. Whenever you proceed ahead with the game, it may be possible that you explore diverse ways to get these Parrots off your shoulder. In this post, we will cover everything about How to Get Parrot off Shoulder Minecraft. Stay tuned.

How to Get Parrot Off Shoulder Minecraft-Key Steps

Before we get into the process of how to get a parrot off shoulder, we must check out details regarding how to tame the parrot. Here’s how you can do it.

1) Find a Parrot

How to get Parrot off shoulder Minecraft


Parrots are passive creatures in the Minecraft sandbox video game, and they are easily accessible to us in Jungle and Bamboo Jungle in Biomes. You should look for these colorful creatures among the leaves.

2) Offer Seeds to the Parrots

How to get parrot off shoulder Minecraft


If you want to tame the parrots, you must offer seeds to them. For taming them, you should give them their favorite seeds such as pumpkin seeds, beetroot seeds, melon seeds, and wheat seeds.

3) Feed the Parrot

Feed the Parrot

You must perform the right-click or left-trigger to feed the parrots the seeds. You may be required to feed them several seeds until you see the sign of heart. This sign indicates that the parrot is liking you. After this sign, you can tame the parrots easily.

4) Bring the Parrot on the Shoulder

Bring the Parrot to the Shoulder


Once tamed, the parrot will sit on your shoulder. As per the rule of Minecraft, you can have at least two parrots on your shoulder. After following all these steps, you must start the process of how to get Parrot Off Shoulder Minecraft.

How to Get Parrot Off Shoulder Minecraft- Follow these Steps

There are multiple ways to get Parrot Off Shoulder, some of them are as follows.

1) Drop Off the Block

Drop Off the Block

One of the best methods to get Parrot Off Shoulder Minecraft is to drop off the block. Locate the block that is at least one block above. To achieve the aim, your fall distance must be less than 0.75 block. This method exhibits the natural behavior of Parrots in Minecraft. When you drop from the height, parrots will automatically get dismounted from your shoulder. It is crucial for Parrot’s safety as well.

2) Take the Damage

Take the Damage


The parrot will automatically get off your shoulder if you take the damage during the game. In Minecraft, parrots will dismount from your shoulder if they sense any damage. For this first expose your character in Minecraft to a danger. There are multiple ways to do that. For example, you can allow a hostile mob like Zombie to do that. Otherwise, your character can also catch fire. Once you take damage, you will see that the parrot has dismounted from your shoulders.

3) Sleep On Bed

Sleep on the bed Minecraft


Another method that works for parrot to get off your shoulder in Minecraft is to sleep on the bed. To accomplish this, you will have to locate a bed in the Minecraft world. You must right-click on the bed or else, use another corresponding action button to lay on the bed. 

As soon as your Minecraft character enters sleep mode, as per the game rules, there will not be any entities from your character. However, one drawback is also associated with this method. You will be able to exercise this method only at night when there are no mobs nearby.

4) Swim in Water

Swim in Water



The next method that will help you achieve your goal in Minecraft is to swim in water. Let the water touch your feet, or as soon as you drown in water, the parrot will get off from your shoulder. However, this method is not widely used to get the parrot off your shoulder in Minecraft.

5) Enter a Boat

How to get Parrot off shoulder Minecraft


This is one of the most effective methods to get the parrot off your shoulder. Enter a boat or Minecraft, or else, you must stand near it. If you are standing near the boat, you must right-click on the boat to enter it. This will lead to the dismounting of your character in Minecraft along with the dismounting of the parrot. 

6) Open Your Inventory

How to get Parrot Off Shoulder Minecraft


Another easy way to get the parrot off your shoulder is to open an inventory and move around. It will dislodge the parrot off your shoulder, and it will fly away.

7) Quit and Restart

How to get Parrot off shoulder Minecraft


If all the above techniques fail, you can try to quit and restart the game. When you do so, the parrot will get off your shoulder, and you can reload the game again. You can try one of the methods to get off the parrot from your shoulders.

Points to Consider before Getting the Parrot off your Shoulder

We must take certain precautions whenever we want to get the parrot off our shoulders. Here are some considerations you should take into account.

1) Choose a safe and open area

Whenever trying to dismount the parrot from your shoulder, you must choose a safe and open area. It will help you to move ahead in the desired direction. Also, you must clear any obstacles, or potential hazards to let the parrot go off your shoulder.

2) Switch to Empty Hands

In Minecraft, you can interact with the world using your hands. You must switch to the empty hands if you want to achieve the desired results in case of getting off the parrot. For this, you must select an empty slot on the hot bar.

3) Avoid Sudden Movements

One precaution that you should take when getting the parrot off your shoulder is to avoid sudden movements. You must be patient and gentle when dealing with your feathered companion.

4) Check Your Inventory

Taming the parrot is an important requirement in Minecraft. Therefore, you should check your inventory in advance if it has enough seeds or not.


As you have seen multiple methods of how to get the parrot off Shoulder Minecraft, you can employ any of the methods for getting off the parrot from your shoulders. Follow that method only which is the most convenient to you. In Minecraft, parents are one of the most amazing and colorful creatures but at different points in the game, it becomes necessary to tame the Parrot, and then get them off the shoulders. However, if you want to tame the parrot once again after dismounting them, you should provide seeds to them so that you can repeat the process once again.


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