New York City is at defeat of Corona Virus highest cases all over USA

New York City is at defeat of Corona Virus highest cases all over USA

The Empire State, New York City is going down due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Till today, over 1, 59, 000 cases of COVID-19 have confirmed in NYC. As per the latest COVID-19 statistics on April 11, 2020, there are a total of 5, 07, 422 cases across the United States. But, upon comparison, the impact of Corona is beyond limit in New York. Is the virus epidemic treating the empire state differently? Or, it’s the fault of leaders? Who is at fault? 

There is no doubt that New York City has been a tourist attraction for longer than the state can imagine. Governor Andrew Cuomo  stated the fact that New York is much affected. The reason being consistent rush of non-natives without much medical attention to NYC.

Is population the main cause for Corona in New York city?

The population of New York City is at its peak. There are a total of 19.44 million people in the city counting in citizens, tourists, and immigrants. Hence, it is logical for the Governor to point-out the factor of the population into the Corona pandemic. The world is fighting every minute to recover from this infectious disease. However, the idea of full-recovery is going down. Currently, over 7, 000 deaths due to coronavirus have been confirmed from New York. This count is nearly equivalent to Spain and Italy. 

Since March 16, 2020, the city has come behind rules and regulations of complete lockdown. In the early stage of the Corona pandemic, the mayor of NYC did not assume it to be a threat. But, times have gotten worse because of the inability of NYC to maintain social distance. Due to high-end population statistics, the state is encountering a hard time to follow-up the social distancing measure. 

To begin with, NYC governors and other superiors have accepted the fact that they have waited too long. They did not care to spread awareness among the citizens. As a matter of fact, McGinty stated “In epidemic terms, six days is light years and can make a difference in the control and spread of the epidemic, so I think it is possible to say that perhaps, in retrospect, New York waited too long,”

In the coming months, the state is presuming death in millions. This will directly impact the economy and employment in the state. How will the leaders deal with what’s coming? Who will take the responsibility of such a disaster? Not only in New York, but the whole wide world will also suffer the consequences of COVID-19. 

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