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Nichol Kessinger
Nichol-Kessinger with Chris Watt

If you’ve watched the well-liked Netflix series “America Murder: The Family Next Door,” you must be familiar with the Chris Watt case. Chris Watt’s courtesan, Nichole Nichole Kessinger, was the one who told the authorities that he was involved in the murder. On August 15, 2018, Watt was arrested and charged with manslaughter. Nichol Kessinger rose to prominence as a result of this case.

Chris Watt murdered his pregnant wife and daughter and received a life sentence. According to reports, the key witness in this triple homicide case was Nichol Kessinger. She allegedly started dating Watts one week prior to this event.

Nichol Kessinger, Chris Watts’ girlfriend, was the subject of a police investigation in our case, but it was determined that she had a minimal role in the murder. She wasn’t held since the authorities were unable to determine her role in the incident. She fled the area to start over after assisting the police in catching Chris.

Explore facts of Nichol Kessinger:

Born in 1988, Nichol Kessinger, a 35-year-old woman, became known to the public after her appearance in the Netflix crime series. She does not have a Wikipedia page and is not a celebrity. But you can find her data in some newspapers, where her involvement with Chris Watt was talked about the most. Colorado native Nichol Kessinger earned honors degrees in science and geography from Colorado State University in 2013. She also holds an Aurora Community College associate’s in science degree.

Nichol has always been a brilliant individual who holds educational degrees in geosciences, geography, and planetary studies. However, her fame was mostly because of her involvement in a crime where she was a suspect.

Name: Nichol Kessinger
Nick Name: Nichol
Date of Birth: In 1988
Age: 33 years
Zodiac Sign: N/A
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: White
Religion: Christian
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color:  Black
Father:  Dwayne Kessinger
Boyfriend/Husband:  Chris Watts

Real life of Nichol Kessinger:

Christopher Watts girlfriend Nichol Kessinger speaks about Frederick murders

Chris Watts and Nichol Kessinger have been dating for a while. Even some unflattering headlines about their affair implied that she was the main cause of the situation. However, after the investigation, she was cleared of all suspicions in the case. Watts and Kessinger are no longer dating.

Kessinger is said to be involved with a man named Jim Gutoski, who is a geologist. Though they did not admit the same, it has been found that Jim Gutoski has her apartment keys; when the murder took place, Kessinger called Gutoski, but that did not last for a minute either.

Activities & Passions of Nichol Kessinger

Nichol Kessinger had seen quite a lot at such a young age. But now that she has decided to change the chapters of her life, she has moved out of the house that holds the horrific memories. She is a family-oriented and frequently spotted going to the gym for fitness training. She spends a significant amount of her leisure time socializing with family and friends.

Nichol Kessinger’s Career:

Nichol Kessinger started her career as an agent, which later progressed to the post of geographic engineer. She had also worked with Halliburton, which is one of the largest oil field organizations. Nichol has also worked with Tasman Geosciences as part of the regular directing and advancement association..

Nichole later began working with Anadarko Petroleum, which is now popular with Occidental Petroleum. Occidental Petroleum undertakes examinations of hydrocarbons. She met Chris Watts while working on this project. She was first recognized as Chris Watts’ escort in that group, although their relationship began as simple partners.

There was little evidence discovered about her relationship with Watts at that firm. But they did share a nearly 111-minute call on the same night when Chris murdered his daughter and pregnant wife.

Nichol Kessinger’s Role in a Netflix Documentary:

Murderer Chris Watts's mistress applies to have her name changed | Daily Mail Online

Nichol Kessinger was seen in Netflix new American Murder: The Family Next Door. It is a documentary that covers the case of Chris Watt. The documentary showed that Kessinger cooperated well with the police and made sure that Chris went behind bars for his committed crime. Some have adamantly called her a mistress who planned well to fall in love and kill him and tried to defend Chris Watt. While others did thinks that she was just a puppet in this whole murder plot.

Nichol Kessinger Social Media

Nichol Kessinger is quite active on the social media platform. She often shares some great posts and pictures that you can find on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also find her on YouTube. Nichol Kessinger was known for her short-term yet serious relationship with Chris Watts. But after the documentary’s release, American Murder: The Family Next Door, people’s outlook on her changed completely. It rather gave an in-depth account of the crime and talked about her.

After watching the series, many people started searching for her on social media. Her account is not open to everyone. However, her Instagram handle is nichol_kessinger_88. However, this could be a fake account, as many semi-celebrities create fake accounts.
Given that she changed her name and relocated to a different state, there is a probability that she transferred her account to a different handle.


Who is Nichol Kessinger? 

Nichol Kessinger is an American woman who became known as the mistress of Chris Watts, a convicted murderer who killed his pregnant wife and two daughters in 2018.

How did Nichol Kessinger meet Chris Watts? 

Nichol Kessinger met Chris Watts at their workplace, The Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, where they both worked as geologists.

What did Nichol Kessinger do after the murders? 

Nichol Kessinger came forward to the police and cooperated with the investigation, revealing her affair with Watts and providing them with text messages, phone calls, and photos that contradicted Watts’ initial story.

How did Nichol Kessinger react to the Netflix documentary about the case? 

Nichol Kessinger reportedly got back in touch with Watts after the Netflix documentary American Murder: The Family Next Door was released in September 2020, according to a fellow inmate who spoke to the Daily Mail.

Ending note:

Nichol Kessinger has not been seen or heard since 2018. It was that same year when she testified in the Watts case. Later that year, she gave an interview to the Denver Post in which she stated that her life is in danger. Nichol’s popularity increased after rumours circulate on internet. She was thought to be a current participant in the Witness Protection Program. Additionally, she had been requested to switch her employment and state.
Nichole Kessinger’s latest update is that she has been living somewhere in Northglenn with Jim Gutoski.

Chris received a prison term for the deaths of his wife and kids. Nichol changed his name after that. Since that time, Nichol has maintained a low profile and stayed out of the spotlight.


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