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Topic: Producer of “Little Women”, Amy Pascal on Landmark PGA Nomination for the guild’s...

Amy Pascal, the veteran Hollywood Producer bags a solo nomination for the Darryl F. Zanuck Award, a recognition given to Outstanding Producer of Theatrical...
College football notebook: One play, two injured for Purdue- Here's what happened?

College football notebook: One play, two injured for Purdue- Here’s what happened?

Quarterback Elijah Sindelar went down with a shoulder injury after being sacked from behind by the Minnesota defensive lineman Tai’yon Devers, while sophomore wide...

This First-Ever ‘Cosmic Web’ Reveals the Gassy Highway That Connects the Universe: Details inside

In the cold geographical region of the area, galaxies constellate around the campfires of stars also the reassuring pull of supermassive black holes. Between...
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