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Tony Stark Dad
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When it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans dive right into mainstream details of each character. And, surprisingly enough, Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, is one of the most beloved and strongly portrayed characters in all MCU movies, from Avengers to Spiderman Homecoming, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and so on. In the past few years, Tony’s character in the movies has grown from scratch. His fictional family, including Tony Stark Dad Howard Stark, played a crucial role until his cinematic death in 1991 in MCU’s world. 

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Today, we are taking you down for an MCU’s journey and exploring hidden details about Tony Stark’s Dad, i.e.., Howard Anthony Walter Stark is an amazing dad, government researcher, and owner of Stark Industries. Are you ready to brag about Howard Stark hidden facts to your MCU’s fan group? If yes, then lacking any further, let’s get started: 

#1: What is the story of Tony Stark Dad? 

For the most part, Tony Stark Dad, Howard Stark, first appeared in Marvel Comics back in the 1900s. According to history, it was Iron Man Novel No. 28. Do you know? In that novel, a lot of details about Howard Stark were disclosed for the first time. For instance, Tony Stark’s father, Howard, was more often a know-it-all by nature. What is more surprising is that his character (as a child) was very emotionally close to his father, a.k.aTony Stark’s grandfather. 

In the event that you have not watched the early Iron Man series yet, then you must be forgetting or missing out on the amazing storyline of Howard Anthony Stark, Tony Stark’s Father. Well! You are here now, so let’s take a glance at it: 

Tony Stark Dad
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The storyline of Howard Stark begins in the Iron Man novel series. He first enters the series as an arrogant, ruthless, and self-sufficient scientist with the mindset of a businessman. He always had sarcasm worked upon his nose. 

What you may not know about Howard’s story is that, during his youth, he married the love of his life – Maria. However, because of a genetic accident, Maria caught an incurable disease for which Howard was looking for a cure. 

At the time, Maria was also pregnant. When she went into nativity, she gave birth to “Tony,” Howard’s first son. But unfortunately, she died during the birthing process. In order to protect Tony from any kind of disease, pain, or the horror of death, Howard Stark, Tony Stark’s Dad, created armour. 

Henceforth, Tony Stark became Iron Man. 

#2: Tony Stark Dad: Conman or not? 

The good part about fictional movies is that you can create your own opinion or reason behind someone’s action. Tony Stark Dad’s childhood, according to MCU Iron Man novels, reveals something like this. To begin with, Howard Anthony Stark was born into a very poor family in 1971. Howard’s mother and father used to live in the poor neighbourhoods of New York City. 

Growing up, Howard learned that people in this world only value someone with money and status. And so, he focused all his energy on becoming a multi-millionaire. But, that is not what’s surprising about Howard. The fact that Howard used to lie a lot to get what he wanted as a businessman almost portrayed him as a con artist. 

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MCU did not reveal much about the journey on how Tony Stark’s dad became such a rich man! But, novels made one thing very clear – he lied!

#3: Tony Stark dad and Captain America go way back!

Even though everyone talks about Robert Downey Jr’s character, a.k.a Tony Stark or Iron Man, when it comes to Marvel Cinematic Universe, in the fictional novel series, Howard Stark played a major role in the creation of super soldiers including Captain America and Iron Man himself. 

To begin with, Tony Stark’s dad, who created Iron Man’s biological armour when he was a child, exquisitely proved his skills as a scientist. Later on, Howard became a big part of Project Rebirth. At the time, Howard was working for Strategic Scientific Reserve when Steve Rogers commenced. 

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Doctor Eskrine and Howard assist Steve Rogers to undergo changes via vita radiation and super-soldier serum which created Captain America. So, yes, if you think about it, the history of Captain America’s creation and Tony Stark’s father, Howard Stark’s project rebirth, is an amazing episode that you must catch on. 

#4: Howard Stark has FIVE faces on box office

Since the beginning of Iron Man movies, Avengers, Spiderman Homecoming, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America movies and so on, the face of Tony Stark or Iron Man has remained the same. It is Robert Downey Jr. But, do you know? The case is not the same when it comes to Howard Stark, Tony Stark Dad. 

Till now, over five different actors have played the role of Howard Stark. To name all, they are Dominic Cooper (in Agent Carter), Charlie Schlatter (in Avengers), Fred Henderson (in Iron Man movies), John McCook (in The Invincible Iron Man), and Stephen Collins (in Avengers). 

Here are some unknown details about these actors: 

  • In recent months, during interviews, Dominic Cooper has expressed his desire to play the role of Iron Man/Tony Stark on TV. However, fans seem very much against it as they love Robert Downey Jr. 


  • John McCook is one of the richest actors to play Howard Stark on screens. His net worth is over six million USD. In the 1900s, he was also a voice actor for the respective role. 
Tony Stark Dad
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  • Stephen Collins, who played Howard Stark in the Avengers, became a controversial member as NYPD investigated Collins’s house for possible sexual misconduct with a 14 years old kid. Since then, he hasn’t been on the screen much. 

Do you think Howard will be back in upcoming MCU movies anytime soon? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

#5: What is Howard Stark’s net worth? 

Have you been spiralling on MCU movies to figure out who the richest character is? Well! According to our research, the Stark family is one of the wealthiest fictional families in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fanfiction net worth research reveals that Tony Stark’s Net Worth is over 100 Billion Dollars as Iron man. But, what about Tony Stark’s dad? Does Howard Stark also have a lot of money? 

Howard Stark’s storyline reveals that he is not just a scientist who created iron man armour and Captain America. Instead, he was also a businessman, inventor, engineer, director, and whatnot. In the very first Iron Man movie and Agent Carter, it is clear that Howard had a lot of potentials. But, he is described as a millionaire. 

Tony Stark Dad
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Thus, even though MCU never revealed the real-time net worth of Howard Stark, he must have more than $1 Million in his pocket, which we consider his net worth. 

Do you know? Captain America, a.k.a. Chris Evans’s net worth is $80 Billion, which makes him the second richest among the Avengers’ cast. 

Some next in this line is Black Panther with $90 Billion, Bruce Wayne with $80 Billion, Oliver Quinn with $3 Billion, and Mister Fantastic with $12 Billion. Can you believe it? 

#6: How did Tony Stark Dad and Mom die? 

The death of superheroes in the MCU rarely happens! But, in 2019, Avengers: The End Game gave its audience to mourn the death of Iron Man. Everyone left the theatres with wet eyes, and in their consciousness, they knew that Avengers would always be incomplete without Tony Stark. Want to relive that sobby and emotional moment? Well! You must check out the assassination of Tony Stark’s father and mother back in 1991. 

The backstory discloses that after the creation and successful utilization of super-soldier fluid to transform Rogers into Captain America, the Russian Army wanted to get rid of Tony Stark dad in order to protect their secret and steal the serum. 

Tony Stark Dad
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On a wintry night in December when Howard Stark and Maria were on their way to Pentagon, their car wheel was busted by cybernetic, and their car crashed into a tree. Henceforth, severely injured Tony Stark’s dad and mom. Cybernetics killed both on the spot and took away the serum. 

As tiny and unimportant this scene seems while reading, it is one moment in the story where you may sob like a child. It is called the assassination of the Stark Family. 

In 2019, Tony Stark, MCU’s beloved character, also died. However, it was all different as Iron Man made a selfless sacrifice to obtain the power of infinity stones. As a result, Thanos dies. However, the bitter part is Tony also dies due to excessive radiation and energy. 

#7: Will Howard come back? 

Without a doubt, in the Iron Man series, Captain America movies, Avengers series, and others, Howard Stark has played crucial roles at one point or another. Even though Howard Stark has died back in 1991, some scenes, including Howard Stark, as a flashback, memory, or hologram occur. 

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Therefore, it is very much possible that Howard Stark, a.k.aJohn Slattery, may come back in the upcoming movies. As for tony stark, the news about the comeback is negative. 


So, this is the whole shebang you need to know about Tony Stark Dad, Howard Stark, beloved MCU character. Did you observe? If Howard had not created the serum or biological armour for his son, the avengers might have never begun. Next time you are at comic con, don’t forget to add Howard to your team. 

For more information about the upcoming MCU and DC Comics Movies, fanfiction, theories, and so on, keep us in your favourites. Thank you and good luck!


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