Amber Heard files Domestic Abuse case against Johnny Depp, what he has to say about Amber?

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Johnny Depp is one of the biggest names in the Hollywood industry when it comes to multiple talents. From film production to acting and singing, he has made its way big. However, after Amber Heard files a domestic abuse case against Johnny Depp, it seems like he had nothing to say about Amber but only a wonderful actress. To begin with, on 3rd February 2015, Johnny and Amber started their journey as a wedlock couple. However, this wedlock did not run for longer than 2 years as in 2017, the couple sought divorce successfully. But, recently in early 2020 after 3 years of silence, Amber Heard has opened up about her wedlock times with Johnny as less of love and more of violence. 

After the MeToo movement started in 2018, Amber has finally admitted that Johnny has domestically abused her and took a legal step towards the wrong that had been done to her in the past. Although, Johnny’s side of the story is a bit twisted. Apart from this, Johnny’s side of the story is supported via some audio-based evidence. 

Thus, let’s get started:

Johnny Depp’s History of Violence

For the most part, Johnny Depp is a well-known name across the globe by the pirates of the Caribbean star. But, even in those times, he was also very famous for his short-temper and substance abuse. Seeking the history of the producer, it looks like Amber Heard is out mouthing the truth.

When we go in the past of 1989, Johnny was caught red-handed brutally hitting a security guard in Canada. At that time, the actor seemed drunk. Apart from this, later in 1994, Johnny in rage against Kate Moss destructed a hotel room all the way from the entrance to the end. To this loss, he paid $10, 000 in the name of compensation. However, is money enough to save the damage that comes with domestic abuse? Well! Not. But, who is right in this story between Amber and Johnny, nobody knows!

Amber Heard Case Backfires!

On one hand, Amber seems very confident and supported by the evidence that Johnny hurt her. However, the star has also filed a defamation case against Amber for $50 million. It seems like Johnny has nothing to lose in this case.

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Of course, this move of Depp’s has caused its fan-following to regain trust in him. But, you never know if Amber’s Evidence will come true anytime soon. Most probably, in the next hearing of the case, dated at the end of this year. 

Is the Amber Heard’s story upside-down?

Although, Amber Heard’s fan-following is blindly supporting her on social media. However, according to Dailymail audio recording, the story of abuse is totally upside-down. To begin with, in the audio recording, it seems like rather than Depp assaulting Amber, she is assaulting him. Furthermore, she is telling Johnny that “no one would believe this drunk that I hit him (not the exact statement.)

Heard’s witness says…

“The reports of violence started with a kick on a private plane, then it was shoves and the occasional punch until finally, in December, she described an all-out assault and she woke up with her pillow covered in blood. I know this because I went to their house. I saw the pillow with my own eyes. I saw the busted lip and the clumps of hair on the floor.” These are the words of Amber Heard’s friend named Io Tillett. 

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According to his statement, Johnny Depp had hurt Amber in the past not just emotionally but also physically. Of course, his statement seems a bit too horrifying as imagining a prominent actor like Johnny could drown someone so close in blood over small things. But again, we do not know what happened actually. 

Furthermore, the court is also yet to accept Io Tillett’s statement as the root evidence. However, only times to come will show how wonderful Amber is and how monstrous Johnny is! Or simply, if it is the other way around.


Among all this chaos, Amber’s career is at the edge. Read here, Game of Thrones actress replaced Amber Heard in Aquaman 2. To begin with, Amber has lost her place as the spokesperson of L’Oreal Paris since she filed the case and it made it to big headlines. In conclusion, one marriage has caused both Amber and Johnny to fight against each other in the court. Of course, only one of them will come out as not-guilty!


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