Boku No Hero Academia Season 5 Is Coming Soon | Release Date Confirmed

boku no hero academia season 5
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There is nothing more exciting than the confirmation of Boku No Hero Academia season 5, one of the top-trending Japanese animation series. That’s right! Our dearest Japanese superhero is making yet another comeback after Endeavor’s mind-blowing fight scene in the finale of season 4. To the reader’s surprise, Boku No Hero Academia, I.e.My Hero Academia all seasons, are now also available in English on Netflix. 

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For the most part, this funimation Japanese manga series has grasped the attention of an audience of millions. The series is quite well-known for high school drama themes with action beyond the imagination. After four successful seasons, Boku No Hero Academia season 5 is on the line for release soon. So, when is it coming out? You will find out in this reading: 

What is Boku No Hero Academia Season 5 Release Date? 

Boku No Hero Academia season 5 launch has been set for the Spring season of 2021. Even though there are many months to go, a small teaser for the fifth installment of the show has been released. Let’s check it out: 

According to several reports, Boku No Hero Academia season 5 had presumed for release in late 2020. However, there are chances that due to COVID-19 widespread, the production of the 5th season was delayed. But, that’s not the primary concern because now you can binge-watch every episode of My Hero Academia season 1 to season 4 on our recommendable websites

What is the plot?

To begin with, for the first-time viewers of My Hero Academia, you are in for a big-action treat. The series follows the storyline of a heart-warming boy who is not indeed a superhero. However, he is very eager to join an Academy that is meant for training children with superpowers. It is the journey of Izuku Midoriya. In addition to this, Katsuki Bakugo, who bullies Izuku, also desires to join My Hero Academia. For the most part, Izuku gains his courage from the superheroes called “All Might.” 

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One day, Izuku comes across All might, and they bless him with the Quirk “One for All.” After this, Izuku successfully admits to the Academy. However, there as well, he studies and trains along with his bully. Moreover, now he remains also obliged to protect himself and others from the enemy of the “One for All” quirk.

Alongside the plot, the original Boku No Hero Academia Japanese manga series has written by Kōhei Horikoshi. Moreover, credits for My Hero Academia screenwriting goes to Yōsuke Kuroda. Above all, by the name “Boku No hero Academia,” many animation films, online gaming, light novels, and video animations are also available in the market. 

Who are all in the voice cast of My Hero Academia?

  • Justin Briner voices as Izuku Midoriya (Japanese cast: Daiki Yamashita)
  • Clifford Chapin voices as Katsuki Bakugou (Japanese cast: Nobuhiko Okamoto)
  • Luci Christian voices as Ochako Uraraka (Japanese cast: Ayane Sakura)
  • Christopher Sabat voices as All Might (Japanese cast: Kenta Miyake)
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  • David Anthony Matranga voices as Shoto Todoroki (Japanese cast: Yuki Kaji)
  • John Michael Tatum voices as Tenya Lida (Japanese cast: Kaito Ishikawa)
  • Monica Rial voices as Tsuyu Asui (Japanese cast: Aoi Yūki)
  • Brina Palencia voices as Minoru (Japanese cast: Ryō Hirohashi)
  • Colleen Smith Clinkenbeard voices as Momo Yaoyorozu (Japanese cast: Marina Inoue)
  • Justin Ryan Cook voices as Ejiro Kirishima (Japanese cast: Toshiki Masuda)

Moreover, other cast members include Junichi Suwabe, Yuichi Nakamura, Phil Parsons, and David Matranga. 

Boku No Hero Academia Season 4 Finale Recap!

In My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 25, the audience witnessed one of the most challenging fights between Endeavor and the High-End Nomu. Hawks also join in. The public is also watching this fight and is hopeless. Some are wondering if All Might could come and save them from the high-end Nomu. In the end, Endeavor wins the fight and raises his fist to declare that he is the new number one. 

For the most part, the upcoming season of Boku No Hero Academia will display whether or not Endeavor will stand above the All Might’s expectations. He is the new symbol of peace. Yet, there’s much more action coming your way!


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