Where can I watch TV shows online free: 10 best streaming websites

Watch shows online free television shows
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When it comes to watch tv shows online free, one of the most significant disadvantages that come to mind is “pop-ups, block notifications, and ads.” Well! If you do not stream online for new shows and movies daily, these ads are worth the trouble. But, if you are a binge-watcher, ads and pop-ups block extensions are recommendable for use. 

To the reader’s surprise, while watching tv shows online free using a proxy-based website, your system remains at risk of mislaying sensitive information to the third-party. This third-party is more often hidden or opened in the background. Therefore, we recommend using suggested ad blockers for 100% security while viewing your most-awaited web series online.

According to our research, there are the top 10 websites available for watching tv shows online free. Let’s take a glimpse by their rank:

Watch TV shows online free on Netflix 

One thing that may come to your mind while viewing “Netflix” is that it’s not free. However, we rank Netflix at one because it is the most prominent and diverse streaming platform online. Although, it is not free. Netflix offers a number of plans to fit the budget of its online streamer. 

For instance, Netflix’s basic plan costs only 8.99 USD per month for a single screen. Furthermore, its premium plan costs only 15.99 USD per month for a 4-screen streaming advantage. Therefore, it is all worth it. 

watch tv shows online free on Netflix 2020
Image credit: Netflix

Not only this but Netflix is an authentic entertainment hub with hundreds of web series, movies, kids shows, and others available to watch. From the oldest tv series such as Breaking Bad to the newest web series like Netflix original 13 Reasons Why season 4, all you can watch without any potential interruption. 

Movie4k Reddit

Movie4k is one of the best streaming sites for watching tv shows online free. Recently, Movie4k’s original site was blocked thus leaving its users in distress. However, today we are presenting to you: Movie4k reddit unblocked version to watch tv shows online free reddit. 

Website link: https://movie4k.org

Movie4k is a very flexible site with a high-end user interface. It allows its users to choose tv shows based on Genre, latest shows list, featured tv shows, RSS feed and more. 

watch online tv shows free at movie4k
Image credit: Movie4k.org

To begin with, there is one disadvantage of this site. You may come across a number of pop-ups and ads while clicking on the thumbnail to start streaming. To resolve this issue, you can add “AdBlock Plus” for your browser. This will help you stream without any additional sites opening in the background. 

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Furthermore, you can also change the “mirrors” when an episode does not open using one mirror. For example, if Mixdrop.co mirror is not supportive. You can change it to several others including TheVideo, Jetload.net, ClipWatching.com, and GoUnlimited. 

Moreover, it includes reviewing filters such as IMDB Ratings, genre, and video quality.

Some of the best featured TV shows available on Movie4k are:

  • Gangs of London
  • Batwoman
  • American Housewives
  • Killing Eve
  • Modern Family all seasons
  • Rick and Morty latest season
  • Supernaturals
  • The Vampire Diaries

Watch TV Shows online on Amazon Prime

Although, Amazon Prime is not an entirely free-of-cost streaming platform to watch tv shows online 2020. But, it offers an outstanding deal for its newest customers. You can get a one-month free trial on Amazon Prime. For the reader’s information, it requires credit/debit card details. However, it does not charge for the trial period. 

watch amazon prime free videos for 30 days trial
Image credit: Amazon prime

Site: https://www.primevideo.com/

Therefore, at Amazon prime, you can enjoy a one-month binge watch for free. Amazon Prime video’s original series such as Fleabag, The Boys, Homecoming, the Expanse, Alpha House, and others are top-rated web series of 2020. 

GoMovies: Watch TV shows online free

When it comes to 100% free and secured online platforms to watch tv shows online free, GoMovies is top-leading. Not only does it vary tv shows based on Genres but also country originated and IMDB Ratings. 


From the oldest streams from 1910 to latest tv shows, you can watch anything and everything here. It is quite prominent to watch Netflix shows online for free. 

watch tv shows for free at go movies proxy
Image credit: Gomovies-online-me

To begin with, recently updated shows on GoMovies are:

The advantages of streaming at GoMovies are:

  1. View IMDB Ratings
  2. Download videos in HD
  3. Block ads and pop-ups by purchasing premium version
  4. HD quality videos
  5. View tv shows based on country, release year, top watched, and top rated filters
  6. Subtitles available.


If you have already compromised with ads and pop-ups, however, cannot deal with redirected sites, 123Movies should be your first-choice for free online web series streaming. This unblocked site version of 123mvoies offers HD-quality Netflix web series and movies without interrupted buffering issues. 

Not only this but it also has a very easy user-interface with filters available such as IMDB Rating, genre, time duration of every video, and description. 

watch all movies and shows online for free 2020 unblocked 123
Image credit: 123Movies

 Here’s a list of tv series you can watch for free at 123Movies:


Are you looking for a site that seems fancy to use while streaming? Well! You can find nothing better in comparison to Flixtor. This high-end streaming site offers zero ads and pop-ups with non-redirecting download buttons. Can you think of anything better? Neither can I!

watch all seasons tv episodes live tv free online
Image credit: Flixtor.to

Site link: https://flixtor.to/watch/tv/

Not only this but you can also become a VIP player at Flixtor by donating. It is a website that helps the unnerved. Furthermore, Flixtor’s content is top-notch. From watching free tv shows online 2020 to free-streaming latest and featured movies online, you are good to go. 

Although, it is noteworthy to mention that it allows its VIP users online to download the videos in HD quality. However, if you only desire to stream, Flixtor.to is your guy with no ads, just entertainment!


If you are looking for a smooth running in the USA, IMDB Tv is a perfect alternative to payable Amazon prime videos. To begin with, IMDB TV is owned by Amazon. Thus, it is a trustworthy streaming site to watch netflix shows online free reddit. 

TV shows and movies rating and review watch online free
image credit: Amazon and IMDB

Site link: https://www.imdb.com/tv/

However, once again it is noteworthy to mention that IMDB TV is currently available for US users online. Thus, it is not worth trying if you are not in the US. 

Furthermore, you can also download IMDB TV App in your system or smartphone for world-class entertaining experience. 

To the reader’s surprise, not only does IMDB is a world-class streaming site for TV shows. But, you can also stream movies, award shows, and other events. 

Pluto TV 

Pluto TV launched by ViacomCBS is now just a free-streaming site for TV-shows. But, it is also 100% free-of-cost live tv streaming site for those who struggle to get their time on the couch in front of tv. 

Image credit: Pluto TV and Viacom CBSIt offers category filters such as movies, tv shows, live channels, sports, news, comedy, geek plus gaming, and so on. Here’s a fun fact! Do you know? Pluto TV receives over 1 million visitors each month. Well! That shows how many want to watch tv shows online free. Good news! Our list will help you at best.

Some prominent shows available to watch on Pluto TV are:

  • Hell’s kitchen
  • Upload
  • Safe
  • Alone
  • The Old House
  • American Pickers

Watch TV Shows online on Vumoo

Vumoo is one cutting-edge free streaming site for extremely rated tv series. From how to get away with Murder to Full House and Fuller House all seasons, you can watch any Netflix tv series  with subtitles in here. 

Image credit: Vumoo


But, here’s the good news of the day. Vumoo is a 100% ad and pop-up free website. Therefore, no need to add additional ad blocking extensions and risk the safety of your sensitive data. 

When you first use Vumoo, you may not believe its smoothness. But, it runs like premium streaming sites like netflix, hulu, and amazon prime. So, let’s get Vumoo and chill tonight!

VUDU: Thousands of movies, nothing to pay!

Do you know about proxies that run professionally, thus, you no longer have to worry about getting blocked by IP addresses on various websites? Well! Vudu is one such website with endless entertainment. It offers several web series to watch for free. On the other hand, you can purchase/rent tv series that are not free according to your budget. Isn’t that convenient? 

Image credit: Vudu

Website link: https://www.vudu.com/content/movies/uxpage/View-All-Free-Movies-TV/206 

Upon premium purchase, you can smoothly stream any specific tv show recently released with zero buffering issues. Not only this but VUDU protects any potential third-party from interrupting buffering. Furthermore, protects your system against cybertheft in the context of data such as credit/debit card info. 


Q: What are free TV show sites?

A: Free TV shows sites allow you to stream or download TV shows online without requiring a subscription or payment.

Q: What are some of the best free TV show sites in 2023?

A: Some of the best free TV show sites in 2023 are 123 Movies, Tubi TV, Seez, and Smashystream. These sites offer a wide range of genres, quality, and features.

Q: Are free TV show sites legal and safe?

A: The legality and safety of free TV show sites depend on the source and content of the TV shows. Some sites are official and legal, while others are unverified and unofficial. Some sites may contain malware, viruses, or pop-up ads that can harm your device or compromise privacy.

Q: How can I find free TV show sites that suit my preferences?

A: You can find free TV shows and sites that suit your preferences using search engines, online forums, blogs, or social media. You can also check the ratings, reviews, and feedback from other users to get an idea of the quality and reliability of the sites.

Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of free TV show sites?

A: The advantages of free TV show sites are that they are convenient, cost-effective, and offer many TV shows. The disadvantages are that they may have low quality, limited availability, slow buffering, or legal and ethical issues.


So, are you ready for some world-class entertainment this weekend? Binge-watch this quarantine for free. For more information, connect with us in the comment section. 

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