Wayne Newton Net Worth, Career, Personal Life, and Disease

Wayne Newton net worth

Carson Wayne Newton, aka The Midnight Idol, is famous around the globe for his magical voice. The veteran singer has been enjoying worldwide fame and a lavish lifestyle but in 2009, he faced a major health challenge. Wayne Newton net worth has helped him go through this with ease. Let us find out what disease does Wayne Newton have and how he has been ever since.

Wayne Newton bio

Here is a quick look at the musician’s bio before we move onto knowing him in-depth:

Full Name Carson Wayne Newton
Profession Singer and Actor
Age 82
DOB April 3, 1942
Place of Birth Norfolk, Virginia, the United States
Parents Evelyn Marie Smith (mother) and Patrick Newton (father)
Spouses Elaine Okamura (divorced in 1985) & Kathleen McCrone
Children Erin Newton & Lauren Ashley Newton
Height 1.78m
Weight 80 kg (as of now)
Years Active 1959- present
Nationality American

Wayne Newton net worth

According to Forbes, Wayne Newton net worth is $50 million at present.

Out of this massive amount, his estimated yearly income is $8 million.

Two of his biggest income sources are the revenue generated from his songs and films.

Wayne also makes money from his successful business explorations.

He has his own line of fragrances, jewelry, and clothing.

Wayne Newton net worth

The man has made quite a great value for himself over a period of time, and his net worth is over $ 50 million as of 2024.

Net Worth of Wayne Newton in 2024 $50 Million
Net Worth of Wayne Newton in 2023 $50 Million
Net Worth of Wayne Newton in 2022 $43 Million
Net Worth of Wayne Newton in 2021 $37 Million
Net Worth of Wayne Newton in 2020 $33 Million

Early life

Carson Wayne was born in Norfolk, Virginia on April 3, 1942, to Evelyn Marie Smith and Patrick Newton. He is of Scottish, German, Welsh, Irish, and English ancestry.

Newton went to North High School and he became the Sophomore Class President.

Newton learned to play the guitar and the piano when he was only 6 years old.

He used to perform in a radio show and sang in multiple local clubs, fairs, and theaters with his brother.

In 1952, his family relocated to Phoenix and the Newton brothers participated in Lew King Rangers, a talent show.

The owner of KOOL-TV was impressed by their talent and signed them for the reality show, Rascals in Rhythm.

A booking agent saw their show on TV and offered Jerry (Newton’s brother) and Newton a two-week contract for performing regularly at the prestigious Flamingo.

After the two entertained the live audience for two consecutive weeks at the Flamingo, the organizers offered them a one-year contract.

Newton had to choose between completing his school and pursuing a career in music. He decided to quit school without completing his junior year.


Wayne and his brother’s first significant job as musicians was at The Flamingo where they performed for 5 years.

In 1962, Wayne sang “Danny Boy” for the famed Jackie Gleason and he was mesmerized.

He invited the young singer to be a part of The Jackie Gleason Show.

This was only the beginning of his appearance on the national TV.

Capitol Records signed Newton in 1963 and he started working on his first music album.

“Danke Schoen”, a song from his album, became an instant hit.

People started recognizing and falling in love with the high-pitched voice of Newton.

Wayne Newton as Mr. Las Vegas

After Elvis Presley’s demise and the aging of the Rat Pack members, Newton smoothly secured his place as Las Vegas’ biggest entertainer.

In the 1970s, he performed at The Frontier, Sands Hotel and Casino, and Desert Inn. Such was the crowd at his concerts that Esquire called him, “the biggest moneymaker in the history of Vegas”.

That explains why people still address him as Mr. Las Vegas.

In 1972, the song Daddy, Don’t You Walk So Fast was released and one million copies of it were sold.

The song became the number one song in Canada and Australia and the US.

Wayne Newton movies

Wayne Newton is not just a gifted singer but also a versatile actor. He made his debut in the field of acting with Vegas Vacation in 1997.

License to Kill, released in 1989, is a super-hit James Bond movie in which Wayne has acted.

The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (1990) is another action movie of Wayne.

He has worked in several other big films like Best of the Best II (1993), Puppy Love (2020), The Hangover (2009), Who’s Your Daddy? (2004), and Runnin’ Rebels of UNLV (2011).

Personal life

In 1968, Wayne married Elaine Okamura after being madly in love with her. They parted ways in 1985 and have a son named Erin Newton.

Nine years after his divorce from his first wife, Newton was ready to tie the knot again.

In 1994, he exchanged wedding vows with Kathleen McCrone who is from Ohio. Their only child is Lauren Ashley Newton.

What disease does Wayne Newton have?

Lori Jonas, the spokeswoman of Wayne, shed some light into the matter revealing the seriousness of his condition.

It was in 2009 that Wayne Newton found out he has cardiomyopathy. This wasn’t the first time he was battling this disease as it affected him in 2001 as well.

At that time, Wayne was in Afghanistan on a USO tour and he recovered after receiving treatment. Little did Wayne know that cardiomyopathy would return to his life after 8 years.

It is a viral infection that attacks a person’s heart and deteriorates the heart muscle. As an outcome, the heart muscle thickens and enlarges.

As a structural change takes place, it becomes challenging for the heart to pump blood effectively.

So, the heart struggles to supply blood to different body parts. Over time, the heart weakens if left untreated, and heart failure is inevitable.

In Wayne’s case, there is no reason to worry as accomplished doctors have treated him. He goes for regular check-ups and maintains a healthy lifestyle to keep complications at bay.

Does Wayne still perform?

Wayne cannot imagine doing anything else other than entertaining his fans.

In his 80s, he continues to tour various American cities and deliver live performances.

The number of his upcoming concerts for 2024 is 68 and most of them will be in Las Vegas.

Lesser-known facts about Wayne Newton

Now that you know what disease does Wayne Newton have, here are some interesting facts about the entertainer:

Being asthmatic

Since childhood, Newton suffered from chronic asthma. Because of his illness, his family had to leave Newark and settle in Phoenix. His asthma also shattered his dream of joining the US Military.

Love for horses

Wayne Newton is enamored of horses. He once opined that horses and music are the two things he is truly in love with. His childhood best friend was a horse he got when he was in sixth grade.

In 1996, he was awarded the Arabian Horse Breeders’ Association Lifetime Achievement Award. In 1996, the Arabian Professional and Amateur Horseman’s Association named him the Breeder of the Year.


Wayne does not like to broadcast his philanthropic activities but he eagerly takes part in charitable events. He joined hands with Heidi Newfield and Dolly Parton to raise funds for diabetes research. He is also the founder of Wayne Newton Research.

Love for football

In his spare time, Newton enjoys watching games like football and Lionel Andres Messi is his favorite footballer. His favorite Hollywood stars are Angelina Jolie and Denzel Washington.

Final thoughts

So, Wayne Newton has transformed his passion for music into an admirable career. He won the hearts of millions of people with his charming personality and captivating voice. He looks forward to singing for his fans till his last breath.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Wayne Newton?

Popularly called Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Newton is a renowned singer, entertainer, and actor. “Danke Schoen” is his signature song and he is also a successful entrepreneur.

2. What is the net worth of Wayne Newton?

As of 2024, the net worth of Wayne Newton is $50 million. The musician’s wealth stems from his hit songs, live shows, and entrepreneurial ventures.

3. Is Wayne Newton still alive?

Wayne Newton, 82 years old now, is alive and living a happy life with his near and dear ones. He resides in a lavish mansion and is busy preparing for his upcoming live shows.

4. What are some well-known songs by Wayne Newton?

“Danke Schoen”, “Red Roses for a Blue Lady”, ‘Years”, “Summer Wind”, “Daddy, Don’t You Walk So Fast”, “Strangers in the Night”, “Games That Lovers Play”, “April Showers”, and “Can’t Help Falling in Love” are some of the most melodious songs sung by Wayne Newton.

5. What are some Wayne Newton movies?

Wayne Newton is not just an amazing singer but also a great actor. He has acted in movies like Elvis Meets Nixon, Elvis Has Left the Building, Ocean’s Eleven, Night of the Running Man, License to Kill, The Dark Backward, Stealing Chaplin, and Getting Back to Zero.


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