Top 10 Lifestyle Podcasts That Will Help You Make Changes


If you are in that phase of life where you are desperate to make lifestyle changes, looking for positivity and motivation to achieve your goals while learning new things to become better as a person, these podcasts are for you. Check out this list comprising of the Top10 lifestyle podcasts that can help you make changes. 

The Daily Podcast

This is how the news for the day should ideally sound. Michael Barbaro hosts The Daily Podcast, where the best journalists of our time cover the most important stories. A power-packed podcast of 20 minutes each day, all week keeps you informed, and to top it all, it is ready each day, by 6 in the morning. Tune in anytime! 

Adventure Zone Podcast

As a biweekly comedy and adventure series, The Adventure Zone Podcast is vaguely based on the Dungeons and Dragons game series. Hosted by Clint McElroy and sons – Justin, Travis and Griffin, this show features the family getting involved in mundane activities quite differently. They fight off their enemies, solve interesting puzzles, while also encountering comical situations and making us laugh. It is no wonder that it is called the Adventure Zone podcast. 

Good Life Project

This is a widely listened podcast which is highly motivational and inspirational, telling us all about positivity and how to make our lives better in every way. The conversations are highly influential and thought-provoking. Various guests talk on this podcast, right from well-known celebrities to lesser-known individuals who tell us how they turned their life around when it wasn’t going so well. Every story that is narrated helps us focus on the positivity and boosts our morale, no matter how tough a situation we are in. Tune in to experience the magic yourself. 

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Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen Rubin, the best selling author, talks about how small things like forming good habits can aid in the growth of your peace and happiness. All her priceless words are delivered to you in the form of podcast episodes. A Monday session is a quick tip and discussion followed by an in-depth expert advice or a classical expert interview that will motivate us to do better in life. Tune in on Mondays and Wednesdays to know everything on the show, on how to add dimension to your life. 

Operation Self Reset

As quirky as the name sounds, Operation Self Reset tells us that ever so often, we need to take a step back to re-evaluate our goals, progress, and plans. This daily podcast helps us make use of tools to find motivation and inspiration to get propelled in the right direction. This podcast offers priceless advice on how to feel self-confident of your abilities to move forward in the right direction. Tune in to Operation Self Reset to discover the beauty of yourself.

10% Happier With Dan Harris

10% Happier is a bestseller by ABC News Journalist, and author Dan Harris is the host of this popular podcast. On his show, he interviews the world’s leading experts on psychology-based subjects, mental health experts, and pioneers paving their way in the field of meditation. They talk about strategies that have proven effective in training your mind. The underlying lessons that we can take home are about healthy relationships, habit building, mind control, anger management, and much more that help us make major changes in our lifestyle. 

The Tim Ferris Show

Hosted by Tim Ferris, who is a well-known self-experimenter and best selling author of The 4 Hour Workweek, the Tim Ferris show gives us valuable lessons in the human mindset. His show sees him interacting with geniuses from all walks of life, be it sports, finance, chess, strategists, etc. During the interaction, he deconstructs their mindsets to make us understand the tips and tricks that they use. When we implement this in our daily life, we see the positivity, motivation, and inspiration we had failed to notice before. Tune in for a fascinating journey.

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TED Radio Hour

TED Talk is a very popular platform where people from all walks of life share their inspirational and thought-provoking stories. Each episode is based on a specific theme such as happiness, peace, and strategies to implement them in our everyday life. What makes it special is that accomplished people who have benefited from such strategies in accomplishing goals that they have set for themselves. In many episodes, TED speakers share their experiences, thoughts, and ideologies that kept them going even in the extreme face of hardships. There is a lot that we can take away from this. Tune in to TED Radio Hour for your dose of everything good. 

99% Invisible

As interesting as the name sounds, 99% Invisible is a podcast dedicated to the little things in life that we encounter but fail to notice or enjoy. Touching upon various topics such as design, art, history, science, humanity, this podcast is addictive. It opens our eyes to the small moments of life that we come across but never noticed. It tells us how much we take things for granted. By observing the tiny things, we miss almost every day, and we realize how the smallest things make the biggest differences in our life. Tune in to an amazing thought-provoking experience. 

Magic Lessons With Elizabeth Gilbert

On her podcast, Elizabeth Gilbert interacts with various achievers and experts on challenges that they faced and how they overcame it. There are a good number of aspects of success and failure that we can learn from this podcast. Tune in to learn the Magic Lessons. 

Podcasts have a positive effect on your brain and by spending a few minutes of our day listening to daily podcasts, we can implement a lot of changes that can change our lives in meaningful ways. We can tap into our happy zone, adventure zone and learning zone to make the most of life.


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