The worst time to Visit Costa Rica- Complete Guide

Worst time to Visit Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a breathtaking paradise that grabs the attention of travelers from all across the world. It is an amazing country with diverse landscapes, lush rainforests, stunning beaches, and beautiful wildlife. This place is an incredible gem for tourists. Many tourists flock to Costa Rica every year to enjoy their vacations with their family or friends. Exploring a new place is a great joy that makes us feel excited. But before heading towards an unknown destination like Costa Rica, you should prepare yourself beforehand for everything because not every season of visiting complements your journey with great weather. So, if you want to know the worst time to visit Costa Rica, don’t worry; we have covered you.

Let’s Check Out the Worst time to Visit Costa Rica

Find out the Worst time to Visit Costa Rica

Whenever visiting a dream destination like Costa Rica, we should make smart choices. It will help us make the memories of our trip the best. Therefore, knowing the worst time to visit in advance will help us avoid the chaos and make our trip amazing, with loads of positive memories and less mess. The weather is one of the most important aspects of visiting a country like Costa Rica. So, let’s check out some important points about the weather that compels you to avoid seeing the country.

1) Rainy Season

Worst time to Visit Cost Rica-Rainy SeasonWeather is one of the primary considerations for us whenever we visit a new country. Costa Rica is bifurcated into wet and dry seasons, impacting your trip planning. Seeing the country during the rainy season can bring you many problems. The heavy rainfall during this season can cause road closures, difficult hiking conditions, and muddy trails. The rainy season spans from May to November. The most precipitation occurs in September and October.

Visiting the country at this time can limit outdoor activities. It can also increase mosquito bites, as mosquitoes are widely present in the rainy season. So, curtail these months from your travel calendar if you want a pleasurable experience visiting this amazing country.

Rainy Season May to November
Drizzling Intensity The highest level of rainfall
Number of Tourists Reduced as compared to the dry season
Accomodation Lower prices of hotels if available
Packing Pack waterproof boots and clothing.

2) Hurricanes

Worst time to Visit Costa RicaAnother important aspect we should explore when planning to visit an amazing destination is the potential for hurricanes. The season of hurricanes also marks the months from June to November. Therefore, visiting this beautiful country is quite risky in these months. Let’s check out some important details regarding visiting this country during hurricanes.

Upon exploring Costa Rica’s climatic structure and geographical diversity, we will find that hurricanes do not directly affect the country. But the countryside has huge effects, including strong winds, heavy rainfall, and floods. It can hamper your travel plans. 

Different Aspects Related to Hurricane Season Effect on Tourisits
Wildlife Diversity Limited
Beach views There are no stunning beach views; tourists will have beach discomfort.
Enjoyment Minimal
Cost to Visit Low but with the least enjoyment

Worst times based on the Preference of tourists

We plan to visit an amazing destination and look forward to learning about several aspects of the worst time to visit Costa Rica. In that case, we will have to consider multiple things.

1) Hot and Humid seasons

 and Humid Season

If you are uncomfortable with the hot and humid seasons, this may not be your ideal time to visit Costa Rica. You should avoid months of high heat and extreme humidity. In such a case, February, March, and April are not the right time to visit Costa Rica. Because the country has extremely high humidity and heat levels during these months, tourists arriving there during this season must pack extremely light and breathable clothing.

2) Crowded Holiday Period

Crowded Holiday Period

If you don’t like excessive crowds and want a serene atmosphere for your next trip, you must avoid visiting the country during the crowded holiday period. The holiday period between mid-December and early January is the most crowded. Because this is the festive season, people from all across the globe flock to Costa Rica to have a pleasurable experience. However, after experiencing the downsides, you will have inflated prices for accommodation, food, and other facilities. Therefore, if you are uncomfortable with the huge crowd, avoid visiting the country during this time.

Best Time to Visit Costa Rica

Best Time to Visit

We have analyzed all the aspects of the worst time to visit Costa Rica. Now, as would-be tourists, our curiosity lies in finding the best time to visit the country. Apart from the rainy season spanning from May to November, the other months fall under the best time. However, the best time to visit also varies as per the preferences of tourists worldwide.

Perks of Visiting Costa Rica During the Best Times

Every season comes with plenty of blessings; the same goes true with this country. So, if you plan to visit the country during the best times, you will enjoy the following perks:.

1) Natural beauty, pristine beauty, lush rainforests, diverse ecosystems and wildlife

2) Tourists will experience incredible biodiversity with rich flora and fauna.

3) You will have access to various adventurous activities, like zip-lining, water rafting, hiking, and more.

4) Visiting the country during the best time is a chance to immerse yourself in the experience of meeting local tourists and learning about their culture.

5) You will get a stunning experience that will promote your well-being.

Top Places to Visit in Costa Rica

Top places to Visit in Costa Rica

1) Lafortuana waterfall

2) Cahuita National Park

3) Corcovado National Park

4) Tamarindo

5) The Nicoya Penninsula

6) Playa Manuel Antonio

Things to Consider While Planning Trip to Costa Rica

Things to Consider before planning trip

As you know the worst time to visit Costa Rica, the best time, and other aspects, we have listed some useful tips to help you plan your trip perfectly. So, let’s consider what you should consider while visiting this country.

1) Check for Visa Requirements

You must check for visa obligations in advance if you are an international tourist. Some countries, like the U.S., can visit a place even without a visa. Therefore, check these requirements well in advance.

2) Weather Considerations

You should also check weather predictability in advance. Choose your season to visit wisely as some seasons, like rainy seasons, can cause many problems for you.

3) Official Language

Check out the official language in advance and other languages that are widely accepted at this place. For example, the official language of Costa Rica is Spanish, but English is widely accepted in this country as a medium of communication.

4) Currency and Payments

It is wise and smart to have some local currency when visiting a new country in Costa Rica, US. Dollars are widely accepted, but having their local currency will keep you at ease.

5) Health Considerations

Whenever you plan for an international trip, visiting your family doctor and having a complete health checkup is wise. It will keep you free from health considerations during your visit.

6) Check Out the crime rate

You must check out the crime rate in the country you are visiting. Also, list all the safety precautions you can take in the concerned country.

7) Transportation

Also, check out the modes of local transportation available in the country. In addition, if you find time in your preparation schedule, read about the culture of the concerned nation. It will make you feel comfortable.


Costa Rica is a stunning attraction for most people in the world. Its breathtaking natural flora and fauna, biodiversity, and gorgeous beaches make it the best interest for tourists. But at the same time, we should also watch the worst times to visit Costa Rica. It will help us minimize the odds on our next trip and enjoy the most favorable experience with family, friends, or even alone.



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