“Fleabag season 3 is cancelled” says Pheobe Waller Bridge

fleabag season 3
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At the beginning of mid-2016, the world experienced world-class entertainment when Fleabag season 1 aired on BBC one network. In the past as well, BBC One network is well-known for streaming high-end dramas including “Taboo” of 2017. After two successful seasons of Fleabag, the audience is now eagerly waiting for Fleabag season 3 not only on BBC Networks but also on third-party networks including Amazon Prime. To begin with, the list of the best dramas of the 2000s can go on and on! This list also includes Fleabag, Lucifer, the handmaid’s tale, fear the walking dead, and black summer.  

Well! For now, all the given best web dramas are facing a delay in launching their next season. What is the status of Fleabag season 3? Before we go ahead, the main question stands “will there be a fleabag season 3?” 

Is Fleabag season 3 canceled?

Yes! On 23rd September 2019, Phoebe-Waller Bridge, the main actress in the show speaks of “saying goodbye to the show.” To begin with, she had won Emmys for the respective show. In her words, she stated, “this just feels like the most beautiful, beautiful way of saying goodbye to it.”

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Hence, fans can simply say goodbye to the show. Although, there are potential rumors going around that even after all the goodbyes, Fleabag season 3 is coming out. Let’s see what we can expect?

What is the Fleabag season 3 release date?

Up until now, there has been no official information or announcement concerning the renewal of Fleabag for the 3rd season. Even on one of the broadcasts of the BBC Breakfast show, Phoebe’s sister announced that there will be no third series. Not only this, she further adds “I think people will accept this is the end when they see it because I think it is complete. I think the story is complete.”

To the reader’s surprise, Fleabag has become one of the top-leading comedy-based series. Up until now, it has won over 30 awards including Guild Awards, Peabody Awards, Primetime Emmy Awards, and Broadcast Awards. 

Although, after winning Emmys for the third time, the industry and show-fanatics thought that the creators of the show would push Phoebe for a 3rd season as it was clearly a gem of dramas. However, this does not change Phoebe’s mind. Instead, according to Phoebe, Fleabag has a poetic ending and she desires to keep it like that!

What is the Fleabag plot summary?

To begin with, Fleabag is a comedy-based drama. It revolves around the life story of a young woman named Fleabag who is trying to manage her daily-lifetime in London. Her character/personality is described as dry-witted, grief-riddled, and angry. For the most part, “rejecting people’s help” is one of the most significant elements of the story. Whoever tries to help Fleabag, she denies/rejects help and tries to fill her present with sex, dating, and men. 

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To be honest, the life of Fleabag seems too bad to be true. However, many young women relate themselves to her as in this modern age, anxiety and social issues are found in every one person out of 3. 

Fleabag ending explained!

In the finale of Fleabag season 2, Episode 6, the audience witnesses the wedding of Godmother and Fleabag’s father. Before the wedding, Fleabag as a kind gesture gifts a stolen sculpture to the bride. On the other hand, Claire finally gathers the courage and tells Martin concerning her miscarriage. Furthermore, Fleabag accepts the truth and helps her father through the wedding. Apart from this, Claire has now finally decided to go after Klare after Fleabag insists. After the wedding, Fleabag and the priest come across each other to confess their love for one another. However, the priest chooses faith over Fleabag. And thus, they break up! 


In conclusion, Fleabag season 3 is not coming. WHAT??? “The Breakup” was the big happy ending. Well! According to the creators, it is! To be honest, there were many moments in Fleabag when this young woman could have everything she wants. However, that does not happen in real life, does it? Hence, this amazing comedy-based drama left us with a broken heart. Period!


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