How to Remove Heat Stains from Wood- 8 Must Know Tips

how to remove heat stains from wood

Those pesky stains on your furniture and wood pieces bother you. You are not alone, as almost every homeowner suffers from this problem. These wood stains can be scary for us if not treated effectively. Whether you are enjoying a fine meal with your family, or throwing a party for your anniversary celebration, these heat stains can perturb you. Heat stains can easily mar the aesthetics of your wooden table, but it is quite difficult to remove these stains. We are writing this post to help you know how to remove heat stains from wood.

Key tips that aid you in Know How to Remove Heat Stains from Wood

Whenever you put any hot vegetable bowl on the table for a long time, you can see some stains carved on your wooden table. These stains can be recognized by their white appearance or spots on the table. It is easy to see some heat stains on the wooden table, but finding out how to exterminate their creepy signs from the wood is very difficult. Follow the below-mentioned methods, and you will quickly bid adieu to these wooden stains.

1. Use Heat over the Stain:

Placing heat over the wooden surface is one of the most common methods of removing heat stains.

(a)Use a Hair Dryer:

The hair dryer is not confined to drying your wet hair. Surprisingly, you can easily treat heat stains on wooden surfaces using a hair dryer. Blow on the hair dryer over the stain area for around two minutes. If you find that the stain has still not vanished, you can take a few more minutes. Note that when using a hair dryer over a wooden surface, keep it at the lowest temperature.

Use a Hair Dryer

(b)Use Iron:

Another method that is effective in exterminating heat stains from the wood is to use iron. Take a piece of cloth and wet it efficiently. Once you wet it, place the wet cloth over the heat stain. Now iron it for a few minutes and you will find that your heat stains start vanishing away.

2.  Opt for Toothpaste:

It is a cakewalk to exterminate these heat stains from the wooden surface. Mix toothpaste with baking soda and you will get a fine paste out of it. Keep it in the ratio of 1:2 for toothpaste and baking soda respectively. Opt for good quality white toothpaste for this purpose. Keep the mixture over the stains for a few minutes and then wipe it with a cloth. You will observe that those heat stains have been wiped completely.

Opt for Toothpaste

3.  Go for Mayonnaise:

Removing the heat stains seems difficult to you, but with smart condiments, we can exterminate these stains. Just take a few spoons of mayonnaise, pick a clean cloth, and with the help of it rub the mayo over the stain. Leave it aside for a few minutes and you will see that the heat stains have wiped away. With mayonnaise in your hands, you don’t need to worry about how to remove heat stains from wood. Apart from mayonnaise, you can make a thick mixture of mayonnaise, and petroleum jelly. You can leave the mix of petroleum jelly and mayonnaise over the mixture for a few hours or a few minutes. It will depend on how old and ineffective the mixture you are treating. To immediately remove heat stains, keep the mixture over the stains for a few minutes. For the old mixture, leave the mixture for at least a few hours.

4.  Go for Lemon Oil:

If you are still clueless about how to remove heat stains from wood? Don’t worry, as you can try removing these stains using lemon oil. To exterminate these heat stains, you should put some drops of lemon oil over avant-grade wire wool and apply it over the stains. Keep it unattended for a few minutes and then rub it with a cloth. You will observe that these heat stains have been wiped off completely from the table. Using olive oil in conjunction with steel wool will also work to remove these annoying heat stains.

5.  Salt is the Go to Way: 

Applying salt paste over the steel wool and then rubbing it over your sticky stains will help you to fade the stains. You can also apply salt paste over the sponge and rub it on your mixture. This small but very useful trick will help you to remove the pesky stains.

6.  Try out a paste of Vinegar and Olive Oil:

Stop surfing the internet for hours to know how to remove heat stains from wood. Apply this simple trick and you will easily be able to get rid of those sticky stains. Form a mixture of vinegar and olive oil and it will help you to exterminate these stains from your wooden craft.

Try out a paste of Vinegar and Olive Oil

7. Car Wax Can Treat Heat Stains:

Apply car wax over the heat stains from your hands. Leave it for a few hours and this lubricant will help you to get rid of the greasy heat stains on the wooden surface. Car wax has a natural ability to keep the heat stains from the wooden surface away. If you find yourself unable to treat the wooden heat stains, apply it again on the heat stains and repeat the process until you get the result.

8.  Wood Restoration:

If after applying all the above-DIY methods you are not able to clear the greasy stains, you should take professional help. Wood restoration professionals will help you to treat the heat stains by using several methods such as steaming, and bleaching to treat the dirty heat stains.

The Important Takeaway:

With these tips in your mind, you can easily reduce the heat stains from your wooden furniture. Try out all the DIY methods once, and if you don’t get adequate results, you can opt for professional treatments as well. We hope that after all these methods you will no longer know how to remove heat stains from wood.


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