iPad Pro Apple Magic Keyboard Next Generation | What to expect?

iPad Pro magic keyboard 2020

Apple is acknowledged for its real-time technically-advanced accessories for various of its original devices. From first-ever Airpods to Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro; the company has fulfilled the lives of its users with hundreds of choices and without a doubt, a status of luxury. To begin with, on 24 April 2020, Apple has launched its first-ever Magic keyboard for iPad Pro. For the most part, within the time span of 4 days after the launch, the product has received high ratings and positive reviews from its users. 

In this reading, we have called the Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad pro as the next generation because this keyword stands out that of Lenovo’s magic keyboard with its high-end features and light hardware. Above all, in this reading, we are sharing where Apple can improve and launch its next-generation with added comfort for its users. 

Are you ready to upscale your iPad pro? Let’s see what features you can expect in Apple Magic Keyboard? And, How can the next generation be better?

iPad Pro Magic keyboard: Current design vs. advanced design

In 2020, without a doubt, Apple’s fan-following and device users seem quite satisfied with the current design of the magic keyboard. However, a few reviewers give it a thought that maybe, Apple could have worked better in advancing the design for a flexible fold. What’s wrong with the design? Well! In speaking of constructive criticism, the current design of the magic keyboard for iPad pro seems to not fit correctly. 

magic keyboard by apple

For example, after fitting the iPad Pro with the keyboard, the screen fits too close to the upper line of keys. Well! That seems bothersome for those who are using iPad pro for typing work.

Hence, for Magic keyboard for iPad pro next generation, let’s cross our fingers for 100% convenient and advanced design.

iPad pro to laptop look vs. iPad Pro to Notebook

When it comes to counting down the flaws of the Magic keyboard, one of the most common disadvantages is non-reliability. That’s right! When you carry a gadget while traveling, you would want not to set up the keyboard again and again whenever needed. It’s bad that Apple did not consider giving Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro to fold all the way to the back or front whenever needed. 

apple next generation

To be honest, the constant “on and off” of a magic keyboard when you are not using it will be your biggest concern. Above all, consistent on and off can also lead to damage, and of course, the product loses its durability.

Fewer keys, fewer shortcuts!

You may not be able to remember how many times you use keys in the first row throughout the day. For example, function key, power on key, brightness adjustment key, and keyboard light key. But, while using Magic keyboard for iPad pro, you will realize the importance of these keys. The reason being this keyboard lacks all adjustment keys such as fn, ESC, F1 to F10. Well! To some users, these keys remain important because why would a person find a “back” option on the screen when there is an “ESC” Button right on the keyboard. Whoops! Unfortunately, your Magic keyboard for iPad 2020 does not!

Damage risk, Less Vs. High

To begin with, Apple has achieved big applause on the job that it has done with gadgets using magnetic technology. From quick connect of charging points to the attachment of iPad advanced screen to the magic keyboard, the designers deserve a lifetime of recognition. 

iPad Pro

However, there is one thing that you do not notice about magnetically connected parts of Apple gadgets. What is that? Well! “This magnetic connection does not break when the user did it intentionally. For example, iPad pro back and keyboard’s desktop space. However, if by any chance, your gadget along with a magic keyboard drops to the floor, you will be in big financial trouble. 

Hence, the damage risk associated with both devices additionally is high. 


In conclusion, Apple’s Magic keyboard for iPad pro is not overall satisfying. However, users have been offered something advanced and expensive. Although, I will wait until Apple drops iPad Pro Apple’s Magic Keyboard Next generation. We all must have high hopes for it. In the meantime, enjoy what’s available at current. Ecommerce companies are already selling these magic keyboards at a current $300 price. 

“We wish you an amazing experience!”


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