John Edward Thomas Moynahan Dad Tom Brady breaks silence on “Kiss”

John Edward Thomas Moynahan

Tom Brady, the most famous American Football Quarterback from 2019 Julian Eldeman 100% reality tv film, has been the major target of paparazzi for quite a while now. With cameras all around, media has spotted Mr. John Edward Thomas Moynahan, the eldest son of Tom Brady. And, it looks like he gets numerous of his facial features from his father as a 13-year-old. 


Do you know? John Edwards’ nickname is Jack. On social media, he also acknowledges by the name Jack Edward. Believe it or not, Jack has been living a life full of potential in the future. But, for some of us, celebrity kids live the most luxurious life we’ve ever known! So, want to take a glimpse of John Edward Thomas Moynahan’s life? If you are! Then, it is your fortunate day as we have got everything you need to know about junior Brady. 

#1: John Edward Thomas Moynahan was born out of wedlock 

Being the firstborn of Tom. B, John Ed. makes a compelling case of his mother, Bridget Moynahan. She also goes by her first name Kathyrn in Hollywood. She played multiple characters in top-notch box office movies like John Wick and Coyote Ugly. 

According to inside reports, Bridget and Tom broke their relationship in 2006 after having a rough landing. After two years of relationship, Tom was ready to move on. And so, only two months fast-forwarding from the breakup, he started dating Gisele Bundchen, who holds a high-end career as a Brazilian model and businesswoman. 

Source: Outsider

Tom received the news of Bridget being pregnant with his baby as soon as he started dating Gisele. Hence, it was a challenging time to pick. However, as per Bridget’s terms, she was fine with raising John alone. In 2007, she gave birth to baby boy John Edward Thomas Moynahan

John received love from both his parents. But, to make things more perfect, the two concluded and partitioned custody of the child in court. 

Thus, John was being born out of wedlock. According to Bridget’s interview around 2010, she exposed her feelings about John being born with Tom Brady in the room. And, she further teared up while speaking of how Tom didn’t hold her hand while she was pushing. 

What do you guys think would have occured between the two? 

#2: Tom Brady literally copy-pasted a junior version of himself

Becoming a parent to a kid who takes after your habits and passion is precious. For Tom, John is that special kid. According to multiple interviews on screen, Tom confessed that he holds a lot of scope of wishful thinking for his first-born, John Edward Thomas Moynahan. The reason being, John has all the habits and rush of activities that his father has as an athlete. 

Source: Total Pro Sports

Since childhood, John Ed. choose to adopt a plant-based diet as he wants to be as strong and healthy as his dad. He looks up to Tom in order to cope up with his daily choices. Well! Tom. B is quite a lucky father because there are very rare examples of a footballer’s son being a footballer in the future, LOL!

Anyway! We hope for 13-year-old John Edward to continue his father’s legacy in the future as well. 

#3: John Edward Thomas Moynahan wants to be an Athlete, but does his mother consent?

After all the splitting up and consistent argument before John was even born, it would be difficult for Hollywood critics to say that Tom and Bridget’s relationship will work as a couple of parents. But luckily, Tom and Mrs. Moynahan disappointed the critics with their flawless parenting skills when it comes to John Edward. According to Tom’s Instagram, he often takes out John for athletic activities on the beach. 

Even though, as per the court’s orders, John is obliged to spend most of the time during a week with his mother. He looks forward to his time with his father, Tom. Mrs. Moynahan also supports Jack’s wishes to become an athlete.

During one of the interviews, Bridget was asked whether she thinks her son would take after his father, career-wise? To this, Bridget responded, “he doesn’t actually play football. He plays soccer. Those are some big shoes to fill!” 

#4: John Edward watched Coyote Ugly with his mom, who indeed was in the movie!

It can be rather awkward for kids to encounter visual evidence of their parents’ sexual life. However, with Bridget Moynahan’s most sexually appealing film, the Coyote Ugly completing 20 years at the box office, John got a chance to watch it. 

The film holds multiple sex scenes on the screen, which was indeed first-time for John. According to Bridget, watching films with her son during the pandemic wasn’t so bad. She also expressed her son’s reaction by quoting his words, “Mom! You were wild when you were young.” 

Source: Twitter

John also took an amazing interest in his mom’s work on John Wick, which is definitely the most-favorite-rated movie for action lovers. Apart from that, John takes less interest in movies and tv shows. Although, during the pandemic, he watched the pilot episode of Blue Bloods. 

#5: John Edward Thomas Moynahan and Father Brady became a controversy

Controversies are part of life when it comes to celebrities. Whether in sports, Hollywood, Olympics, or else, when a controversy hits the ground – Everyone talks about it!

On one of the Facebook videos on Tom’s official page, a video got out where John is having a massage. A few seconds later, his son, John, enters the room and asks for a request. In return, his daddy asked him to “return the favor.” As a consequence, John kisses his dad on the lips. Well! It doesn’t seem like a controversial video in the beginning. Most parents give kisses to kids on the lips. Sounds like a no big deal!

However, people lost their minds when John returned and gave a long kiss to father on the lips. Seems like a big controversy now? 

Well! For the world of YouTubers, it became the source of their content to get views. Not only this, but multiple YouTubers created disturbingly wild videos doing improv of John and Father, Tom with a load of sexual appeal. 

In comparison, some critics on the internet insisted on the fact that Tom Brady might be an alleged pedophile. 

#6: Gisele, step-mom of John, calls her a “bonus child” on national TV

Even with the growing demand for Gisele Bundchen in the modeling industry, she dropped her career after becoming the mother of three children, including her step-son John Edward Thomas Moynahan. During the interview, Gisele called John a “bonus child” who delivered more and more intimacy between Tom and herself. 

John Edward Thomas Moynahan
Source: Popsugar

On multiple occasions, Gisele tends to post precious moments with kids on Instagram. She and the kids often go to Tom’s game and cheer up. So, all in all, John and his step-siblings are living a happy life with a countable contribution from Bridget out of concern for John. 

#7: Does John have the richest parents? 

In 2015, John’s mother, Bridget Moynahan, married Andrew Frankel, a businessman. The wedding took place in private with Andrew’s three sons and John present for support of his mother. So, if we count, John has two parents, making Andrew and Gisele step-father and mother. With all the love showering from 4 parenting figures, it seems like John has the richest parents of all time. 

Tom Brady’s Net Worth is 250 Million USD.

Bridget Moynahan Net Worth is 25 Million USD.

Gisele Budchen Net Worth is 400 million USD. 

Andrew Frankel Net Worth is 5 million USD approximately.

With all parent’s net worth in line, John’s parents combined net worth is 680 Million USD. Hence, the silver lining is bright and quite shiny for John Edward Thomas Moynahan. 

#8: John is homeschooled

Celebrity kids have the toughest life of all time. They often share the limelight of their famous parents, and when it comes to John, it makes four of them. Hence, the trouble is four times. Keeping that in mind, where does John get time for school, social life, and education? Well! According to old reports, when John Thomas was born, the couple began homeschooling him. One of the possible reasons behind this was their busy careers and limited time to spend with the kid. 

John Edward Thomas Moynahan
Source: Marriage biography

But now, John has joined an elementary school in Los Angeles, which works out well for him. 

#9: He wants to be an international soccer player

Future as an athlete may seem like a rocky road for John Edward Thomas Moynahan. One of the major reasons is the public’s expectation of a footballer’s son. The media always talks about whether or not John takes an interest in building a career as a football player. However, on many occasions, mother Bridget has made it clear that John takes more interest in soccer, even though he has high-end skills in football


With all being said about an upcoming international soccer player with the skills and looks of Tom Brady, John’s success is waiting. Want to know more about celebrity kids who are living the dream? Bookmark us!


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