Lamora Williams: Case, Biography, age, weight, kids, and relationship status.

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For every child, her mother is the most precious thing for her, and nobody can deny that. Mothers love their children the most in the world, and they don’t let anyone harm them. But in October 2017, Lamora Williams, a single mother of three children, killed her youngest two children in a hot oven. She put her two sons in the oven and then turned it on at a high temperature. How can someone do that? How can you be this cruel? In this post, we will give you all the information about how she did it and the reason for doing it. Keep reading to find out.

Lamora Williams Personality:

She is a black woman with a mental illness. She has been like this since birth, and her condition worsened when she separated from Jameel. Her parents told Jameel before the marriage about her mental issues. Her mental state got so worse that she killed her two small kids in the oven. Well, her illness should have been treated, so the children’s life could have been saved. This is the reason why people should take mental illness as seriously as physical illness.

Early Life:

She was born in 1995 and lived with her parents till she turned 18. Because of her mental state, she wasn’t able to do her studies, and for that, she was homeschooled. She had her first child at the age of 18. After getting separated from the first guy, she then tied the knot with Jameel after dating him for three years. They both had three children together. Because of Lamora’s mental behavior, Jameel left her, and they separated. After being separated, she got custody of the children. Jameel loved his children so much, and after separating, he still helped her with money.

Lamora Williams
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Lamora Williams Case: How did it happen?

She was living with her four children. Because of her mental state, she killed two of her sons. She put them in the oven and then started the oven at a high temperature, and That’s how she killed her two boys. 

After killing both children, she called her friend Nessa Smith and told her that she didn’t want to do this anymore. She also stated that her two children, Ja Karter (1-Year-Old) and Ke Yaunte (2-Year-Old), are dead.

What she did next was crueler; after she finished talking with Nessa, she called her ex-husband Jameel. She showed him his two sons were dead now. Jameel saw that, and he was in shock. He instantly called the Police and told them all about the matter.

Now, at this time, Lamora Williams also called the Police. But she lied to the Police and said that she left her kids with her cousin and when she arrived home she saw both of the kids dead. So she said her cousin was the killer. 

Police arrived and checked everything, then investigating team came, and after investigating, they found that the kids had been dead for many days. We can say that she killed them first, then after some days, she put them in the oven. Her neighbors said to the Police that her house smelled like death. In this whole incident, Jameel Jr., the oldest son of Jameel, was unharmed and lives with his dad now.

Jameel’s Reaction

Jameel was heartbroken and didn’t know what to know; he couldn’t believe what he saw. Her two sons were dead, and he saw that on a video call. I can’t think how much pain he would have gone through. He said in an interview that it felt like a real horror movie. He knew all about her ex-wife’s mental illness and thats why he gave her a divorce. But she got custody of the kids after the divorce and killed her two sons. Jameel always loved her sons and did everything he could after the divorce so that the kids could live a happy life. 

Her Mother’s Concern:

Her mother, Brenda Williams, knew about her daughter’s mental illness. She said that Lamora Williams had been like this since she was born, she didn’t have that many friends, and her only friend was her father. But, after the death of her father, her mental condition got worse, and eventually, it led to this horrific incident. Brenda also tried to get custody of the kids, but she failed. However, she also reported to children’s services that her daughter’s mental health is not ideal, and she can’t handle the children. Brenda also told tell that Lamora was cutting dolls’ heads off when she was small. She Said this in the news: ” Lamora wasn’t right, and what happened to her, the father of kids left, and as of her mental illness, she will harm the children or herself.”.

Her Sister’s Concern:

Her sister, Tabita Hollingworth, also knew about her mental condition and had the same concerns as her mom about children. She said that she goes outside while leaving the kids alone at home and also doesn’t feed them properly. When she got asked if her sister could do this type of murder, she said, “Yes.” She also said that one time Lamora tried to cut her wrists. 

Murder Charges:

After this cruel incident, Police took her into custody and charged her with charges of murder and giving false statements to Police, as some other charges. The investigating team said that she put the kids in the oven to hide the real method of the murder. 

Sentenced To Jail:

After doing this type of crime, no one can go free without going to jail, and thats what happened to her. On her pre-trial, she denied accepting the crime. After this, there has been no update on this case; most people think she was found guilty, and the court sent her to Psychiatric Treatment. But there is no evidence to prove that. After this whole incident, Jameel now has custody of the remaining kids and is doing everything he can for his kids. 


What happened was so horrific it should not happen. The mother, Lamora Williams, Killed her two sons in ovens. How can someone do that? I can’t imagine how much pain both kids felt when their own mother was killing them. How much pain did Jameel feel? How can someone be that mental that she showed him his dead kids on Video Call. This incident shows us that mental health is as important as our physical health. All we can hope is that she gets proper psychiatric treatment and becomes a good woman. Finally, if you want to help single dad Jameel so he can take care of his children, you can donate some money to his GoFundMe page.


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